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I'd wager money the trooper was beating the shit out of that dog as often as he could.


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Man yells at dog, and then gets bitten.

Gee.. I wonder what happened....

Dogs never bite for "no reason" or just "randomly". We are clearly not being told the whole story, probably because the officer involved is either intentionally omitting information about what provoked the attack, because he fucked up, or because the officer is unaware of what provoked the attack, also a fuck up on his part. No matter what provoked this dog though, there were warning signs immediately prior to the bite, there always are (body language), most people just don't know what to look for, which is often why people get bitten. Also, I'm gunna go way out on this super sturdy limb here, and suggest that maybe.. this guy was applying more than just a "verbal correction"...


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I wonder if the dog was abused and didn’t want any more of it.


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The dog did what it was trained to do, attack a violent criminal.


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Some dogs are just too sharp (and should not be put into service in the first place), and if you combine that with a weak handler that isn't really seen as the alpha by the dog, this can happen for any number of reasons.

Seems like a failure in the screening process of both the dog and handler. But I don't know how this is done in America.

As a kid, I often played with some of the best K9s (merited in competition) in the country.

I used to make two of them chase me around our summer house at full speed over and over (maybe foolishly triggering their prey instinct and to take down a fleeing attacker) but they didn't even as much as scratch me, neither were the handlers worried that they would because of good training and good psych evaluations of the dogs.

It's extremely rare for dogs to be complete psychos that turn on a dime for no reason, in 99,9999% of the cases it's the human that triggers it (even if they themselves don't understand why)

This cop should be relieved of his duties.


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Gonna say this was karma, he was probably being a dick to it. Have a dog and he treats certain family members like he's the Secret Service, guarding them, doting on them, others he is wary of, but never really tries anything. I find it suspicious the dog attacked him, there might be more to the story. I've tended to find many of these K9 handlers are horrible people, not sure if they feel it's beneath them or what.


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This often is the case. K9s which don't stop attacking when ordered, and who bite their handlers and everyone else


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Everyone knows that cops get off on killing dogs. It's a power and domination thing to them.

Around a cop, don't let your guard drop.

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