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Feminism is actual female supremacy. Feminists claim anything that benefits women unfairly is just 'benevolent sexism' and actually just oppresses women. But in their personal lives it's something they look for in a male partner.

Women even see men who aren't benevolent sexists as evil mysogynists.

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Dont worry the younger generation of betas are waking up and its going to make it much worse for women... when betas stop marry worthless used up feminist women its going to be a big problem and this is going to make it even easier for alpha chads to fuck more of these hoes and dump them on the side of the street of life.. but these cum dumpsters will not have the nice guy to rescue them any longer.. we are going into a werid future.

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I've seen this future. It's name is Japan.

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Welfare babies.

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No, you're just a virgin and very bitter about it.

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Master projector projects projections loudly.

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Half of Japan is virgin and bitter about it.