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VOAT Niggerfaggots acting like niggerfaggots

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You niggerfaggots are starting to make me cringe at the word "niggerfaggot". Fucking niggerfaggots ruined niggerfaggot.

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We could start calling it the NF word. I cringed just typing it.

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Nailed it.

You nailed all these niggerfaggots to a T.

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All us niggerfaggots. We all float down here.

Edit: Except for niggers, their bone density is all fucky.

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I don't really do social media about 10 yrs ago i had a poor geocities kind site where i might sell stuff, a small social media like a myspace thing and some old accounts on the bulletin boards and message forums i'm a bit out of the loop but here's what I understand....

FIRST = VOAT = RACE REALISTS? IQ REALISM....Facts before Feels? Someday someone will write a history of voat but from what I seen its website that started 4 yrs back by an Albanian muslim refugee and a girlfriend of his programing and traveling around Switzerland Sweden? it was very, very quiet like 10 posts per week and known as WhoaVerse? I lurked here a few years back because it had a good scifi section, some interesting philosophical posts and comments on history and math, I also found it interesting you could Name-the-Jew, also you would get the occasionally anti islam post calling the prophet of islam a pedophile, a dumb jihadist etc. Voat was not as busy or anarchy or free back then, blogspot was banned, dailymotion banned, and some fascist commie Feminnazi She Wolf of the SS wanted to SHUT IT DOWN...that's when the gamer community and Dr Who fans went full Libertarian? ....this crazy stupid banker funded feminist bitch 'She' was removed from power....Next was the arrival of the Bernie nuts when Hillary's goon squad basically fucks Bernie up the ass and rigs her election only to lose to Trump. Finally the arrival of the nationalists, more libertarian or rightwing or commies and nazis as reddit bans its communities...I refuse to call them 'Alt-right' as alt right is just some stupid fucking label by globalists... people freaked the fuck out, thats when the Refujihadi INVASIONS started happening !! there are definitely shills here, Pakis, Jews, Turks...not sure where the soap box ban hammer protect voat SRS crowd fit in ??...some say they are islamic trannies or jew shills...I think they are just left over fag degenerates from the Bernie years. Voat has attracted a shit-ton of conspiracy, it has been attacked, spammed, attempted hacked or brought down...A lot of gamergate arrived here also voat has been described by mainstream media as 'Imzy's dark twin' other names tossed around here are the original Atko, PuttitOut, Colo or Chastain...conspiracy says lizards or jews now run voat every since it went offline for a day. Typically Voat greeting? Welcome to voat you fucking nigger few faggot cunt! This almost used to freak me out when I first heard it but then I remembered back in the day how the entire interwebz used to be like a 4chan message board

Ok, so the rest?

Tumblr a place for weirdos, perverts, old shippers who watch hollyweird Rom-com movies steamy soap operas, perverts, degenerates and failed art makers its like bad art mixed with stumbleupon mixed with a weird porn site

4chan shit layout, looks like a website from the 1980s or 90s if they had internetz back then, incel, hacker-ish, anarchy, autism 990 level, heavy anime following...occasionally you find good stuff there, i could never browse the place because its layout was so cluttered, some say its now invaded or monitored by Cops, FBI etc Some people give troll faced Christopher Poole credit but the original Chan was ni channeru or 2chan and it was started by a Jap? who was then shut down by some shape shiftier JEW called 'debito' ...typical obiwan story or Streisand effect here, strike me down and I become more powerful than you can possibly imagine, wasn't that the line? before Jew Jar Jar Abrams came in and ruined the Franchise?

? Reddit a shithole run by paki bots, commie spammers, jew globalist shills, saudi islamists, britbong euro censorship retards, hezbollah turk account and a general collection of main stream media anti-American spam bots. When Aaron Swartz lived reddit could have become a voat but the globalist Jew Spez Huffman, the commie Mudshark and that blockhead who married the Williams steroid Negroid set a policy that ruined reddit. Reddit at its core is just a place which rehosted 9gag, upworthy and tumblr advice animal funnies, Aaron Swartz surrounded by back stabbers wanted to start his free-dumb revolution not seeing what was going to kill him??...i think he was a good guy at heart...reddit could have been something, that was until it sold out and became a shill site for globalists and paki jew turk bots

Facebook, this would have been just another d Harvard geek project but it was supported and made grow by 'Them' what myspace looks like if marketed at the older college kids and funded by the Deep State, israel and euro globalist. Fuckerberg made a fortune from it and spied on everyone, the Jew he marries this Chan woman has half cast Happa babies, or do you guys say 'Hafu'? his wife I think was a refugee herself, family moved around Asia a Mongoloid going from Vietnam to China? You basically have a leftwing globalist Jew who now has even more confused global politics injected into him, guy could have been an American success story but that's not the way (((they))) work

Instagram a place where fashionistas, attention whores, actual prostitutes and human/drug traffickers and hollyweirdos market themselves for 'likes' and followings...most of the likes are probably bots

Twitter, basically a big corporate Disney fox globalist version of facebook 2. point 0 kind of like a weird mix of tumblr, a dating site, instagram and facebook all rolled into one.....Jack Dorsey probably did not realize how big the platform would become, probably some young tech business guy who wanted to make his own LiveJournal and by AOL Instant Messenger...but it snowballs and becomes bigger than he knew. Now a huge global brand, a lot of the trends, the buzz or news seem to be arab islamist chicken scratch writing, vietnamese, indian, japanese...i wonder how many Americans or English speakers are on twitter vs the rest of the world. Twitter it Looked ok for a while but now it censors and everyone moves to Gab, they once tried to Ban and Censor Trump, owned by many globalists one of which was some islamist Saudi Prince who was recently arrested in some coup or internal fighting. At the start the concept was this simple https://files.catbox.moe/xsmvdy.jpg ?

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Excellent . . .

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Normal people acting like racists.

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Closet racists.

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I think you mean normal people acting like normal people

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But I hate blacks and racists.

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White supremasists acting like nigger faggots.

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Jews acting like retarded white supremacists.

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Non-Jews acting like Jews.

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I'm so out of touch with social media I don't even understand what the first two icons stand for....

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Newfag spotted lurk more.

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All you have to do is mouse over my name to understand just what a dumb fucking faggot you truly are....

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I'm with you on the first one I think it's tumbler, but you should know the second one, it's 4chan. I don't know what the second to last one is, is it instagram?

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You were correct on all three.

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Acting? They are retarded.

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All I see is spyware.

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And every one is a attention whore site. As well as goat.

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Do you want /pa/ ? Because this is how you get /pa/

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