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Supporting the president of the US is a symptom of "very strange political ideas". These people are just insane.


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Joe Weichselbaum was a big supporter of Trump.


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Firefox persecuted and drove out one of it's founders, Brendan Eich because he donated $100. To a traditional family group.

This shit is a "Never Forget" deal.


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Eich is the inventor of JavaScript. He's one of the most influential and important computer scientists living today and he's completely blacklisted because he's a mormon who gave $100 to support traditional marriage.


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He's one of the most influential and important computer scientists living today

That's a huge exaggeration. Knuth is the kind of guy who deserves that accolade. The inventor of the world's worst programming language, not so much...

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I use Brave on my Android and it's great!


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I’m not completely sure, but I do know that he did have some very strange political ideas...

I love how they won't even touch those "strange" ideas with a 10 foot pole, lest some of it rub off on them.


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Yep. Just call it “strange” from a distance and quickly run away before everyone realizes what kind of faggots wrote this.


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Jeezus. Even the summary is so full of mealy-mouthed, pseudo-intellectual verbal diarrhea and SJW buzzwords that it's a chore to read. I can't imagine slogging through the whole thing.

"...a first emanating pulse of a right wing dudeocalypse whose magnum opus was thrust into the United States presidency last November."

Translation: Orange Man bad! We no like Orange Man!

The butthurt is real.

"...when his politics became too obnoxious and unbearable for the office."

You mean like

  • Insisting everyone use made-up pronouns
  • Constant preaching about (((diversity))) being our "strength"
  • Advocating for degeneracy
  • Constantly complaining about imaginary things that Trump has done
  • Parroting CNN/MSNBC talking points ad infinitum
  • Insisting everyone change the way they speak to avoid offending the mentally ill
  • Whining about nonexistent wage gaps
  • Demanding "representation" in high-level positions without having the skills for said positions
  • Complaining about "toxic (white) masculinity" when the copier runs out of toner
  • Using sexual assault allegations to ruin someone who dared disagree
  • Flaunting your "alternative" sexuality all over the office, but running to HR when a straight white male shows interest in a female coworker
  • Demanding a "code of conduct" to appease 0.1% of the population
  • Ruining your products to appeal to mentally ill whiners who don't buy them in the first place
  • Bending over backwards to give a pass to any minority crimes, as long as you don't get called "racist"
  • Supporting a bill that would mandate specific gender makeups in corporate leadership positions
  • Making excuses for illegal aliens when they murder citizens
  • Working to increase the importation of third-world savages, despite their ideology being one of conquest and subjugation...

That kind of obnoxious and unbearable?

Oh, wait....he said nice things about Orange Man, instead of foaming at the mouth with rage while masturbating to the Madame President cover of Newsweek. Can't have that, can we?

Buncha fuckin ass-blasted whiners.


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That video, posted in 2016, had 28 views total when I looked at it.

Yet caused some guy to get fired. Crazy stuff.


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Future historians will look at this the same we we view Salem witch trials today.


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Keep lying, cocksuckers. You're screaming into the void - nobody is listening, and nobody believes you.


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That’s just wierd. The story is about the VR lab. Why do they even point the guy with the t-shirt out, much less have a two paragraph diversion about Voat and the guy?


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That’s how disturbed they are by it.

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