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Unless you live in London. Don't go for walks in London without full tactical gear.

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Bring your baking soda...

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is that four thee acidd?

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Or protective pork products.

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And coke

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I wish we could get full tactical gear here. We only have Nerf guns and blunt cutlery to protect ourselves with.

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Do you think people are waking up in the UK or are they still going along with the Great Replacement?

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Blunt cuttlery can be sharpened.

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Exercises your entire body in an equally balanced way.

Produces six pack abs

Produces entire body strength and endurance.

Lowers your PH level, and increases blood flow to your extremities - improves skin tone, increases the rate of healing, promotes a more youthful appearance. Shiny.

Increases adrenaline and testosterone.

Improves your sleep.

Improves your skeletal structure and promotes repair of long term bone related injury.

Improves your posture, and overall motor control, with improved balance.

Improves your mental stability, promotes calmness and clarity, and an elevated state of mind, happiness and contentment.

Raises vitamin D production through sun exposure.

Burns body fat. More importantly, it burns fat at a slow enough rate that your skin can readjust as your body size reduces, so you don't get any hanging skin through rapid weight loss. Instead you lose fat slowly and evenly, just as you gained it.

Increases tendon flexibility.

Promotes changes in your eating patterns as you start to crave protein and vegetables to meet changing dietary requirements. Causes you to eat more and healthier food overall.

Keeps you out of the wheelchair.

The human being is designed to be mobile, to be moving around from place to place, not to be sitting all day long. This becomes especially important as you age. If you do not work your body, you will lose ability, leading eventually to long term disability. Disability has a major impact on your entire lifestyle, and it is often impossible to overcome.

Much of this can be avoided entirely simply through walking. You should try to get in at least a mile or more, at least every other day. It is better if you walk at a rate that gets you breathing a bit harder - then you get the aerobic benefits as well. Hard breathing works your abdominals and a good hour long walk is an excellent abdominal workout.

It's one of the best things you can do for yourself, and it costs you nothing other than a bit of time - time well invested.

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lol kid are you serious kid? There's no WAY exercising is good for anybody. Please provide some proof against the claim I just made up so I can mock your grammar instead of focusing on the actual subject.

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Aye. It's hard for me to leave the podcasts behind, but a break from information overload is always beneficial to the brain, even lonely contemplation.

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A pedometer is good to have as well. At the end of the day you might not even need to go for a walk. I clocked over a mile once, just screwing around in the house.

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Good advice, Crusty Beaver.

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But I might see a people. :/

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Go walking in a forest then

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ALWAYS walk near trees. for mental and physical health. walking through a city would just be shit for the mind and soul.

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It feels like the depravities of the production crew have nothing to do with me. Next question?

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I'm gonna go for a nice one today. Will be 5 miles with the round trip. Big Island is a good place to be a wamyn.

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Stay clear of the lava:)

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Are you fucking serious? The streets of San Fran are plastered with feces, needles full of AIDS, drugged illegals and self righteous leftist dipshits telling me I can't identify as a transnigger genderkike.

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Only a relatively small area.

Circumambulating it is a pleasant 3+ mile stroll, but it does include several steep hills.

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I think it was implied to walk in safe areas. Walking in places like the 'Frisco, Calais, or Caracas is not advised. There's some parks in the suburbs near me that are safe. Public transportation doesn't run there and there are park rangers.

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