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Name the Jew? Open Borders for Israel? Globalists wanted even worse for the USA, the globalists which include elite Jews like Soros but also Saudis, British elite, traitor European bankers, euro royalty and mohammedan investors wanted worse for the United States, during the last century islamists, the C.I.fags and gangsters of Latin America got into bed together through events like the Iran Contra affair....also unfortunately there has been this weird banana Republic battle in South/Latin America a battle between extreme right militant and extreme left militant, some of the regime changes of course funded by CIA assholes which can create more problems and anti-American hostility in the long term...also the mass movement of people who do not assimilate, engage in gangster acts, theft, smuggling and drug running and other crimes can only be described as an invasion. For Brazil which is already a shithole to be upset by the behavior of Venezuela must just go to show how desperate and criminal and annoying these people have become to Brazilians who already are used to crime. The only positive I can say here is they are not islamists, inbred refujihadists, terrorists or mohammedans...one of the worst cultures is the islamist jihadi 'culture. Also it might surprise you to know how many Lutheran, Protestant, Jew Zionist, Aid NGO, Roman Catholic and other charities are involved in the business of human trafficking and people smuggling, the Congoid or Negro Black African became a problem already in Europe . Also strange enough in South America although some people consider Mexico a 'shithole' for the Venezuelans it is a step up and they are happy to stay in Mexico as asylum, also even with a collapsed economy they refuse to criticize socialism? it just goes to show how far the political brainwashing goes https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/the-africans-are-coming-close-the-border-donald/#comments

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Israel promotes policies that end up facilitating immigration into Western European countries. They don't support immigrants in Italy/Spain and Eastern Europe. Israel probably would not care if they got swarmed by ISIS, because they have Nukes and the most powerful military in the Middle-East.

It would be an excuse for them to flex their muscle and legitimize a genocide, because it would be against bad guys. All the Latin American countries keep strict border patrols and keep others from fleeing over their borders, because they associate with usually less non-white people trying to immigrate out of their country and because they also associate with human/drug trafficking.

The real people that need to be held accountable are the ones in Washington D.C. for spinning this out of control. Without them, Israel is dust in the wind.

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Israel probably would not care if they got swarmed by ISIS, because they have Nukes and the most powerful military in the Middle-East.

They couldn't even best Hezbollah, they are terrified of Iran believe me.

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Im a Jew. I don't want those things. That makes your statement incorrect. Can you be more specific please. Which Jews?

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The isrealis control the religious Right and the international Jews control the socialist left.

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I honestly dont think the majority of jews are bad... i will compare it to white privilege. When some idiot liberal sees me thry will think ha! White cis gender male who is racist and oppressing people.. i dont think im racist im a black realist as in you put me in a black neighbohood late at night im going to be very aware of my surrondings and ready to sprint for it with out being embarrased.. anyways you being jew doesnt make you bad as in me being white.. but jews like https://youtu.be/k2Vq_e2Z1ug Barbera spectre are a major problem. Do you think jews have zero parasitic tendencies on host nations? Do you think jews are over represented in the media and entertainment industries? Do the tribal ways of jews help them promote other jews which leads to jews being over represented?

Here is my little redpill story for people that are clueless about the JEW question? Can you point out the false hoods or exagerations on my part or the parts that dont make sense?

The Irish during the potatoes famin sent some of its citizens to Nigeria. When they got there they were considered outsiders but not treated horribly.. they were hard working and smart and good story tellers and dancers. One of the leaders was a banker in Ireland. Well after a 100 years the Irish in Nigeria really did well even though they were roughly 2 percent of the Nigerian population they ended up being the people running alot of major institutions. For the last 50 years they ran the Nigerian central bank, they developed the movie industry and the 8 studios are owned by Irish. They really valued education and 25 percent of Nigerias top 8 schools are Irish. They really excelled in journalism of the top news out let's 50 percent are owned and ran by Irish. Before the Irish there was almost no porn industry over 80 percent of the porn industry is ran by the Irish. The Irish were great readers so a big percentage of the lawyers in Nigeria are Irish. With so many lawyers 3 out of 9 of nigerias supreme court is Irish. The Nigerians didnt think much of the Irish until they somehow their millitary ended up in Britain fighting the British because they were trying to destroy ireland.. the Nigerians never had a problem with Britain and now thousands of Nigerians were dying in Ireland and only there seemed to be no Irish in the army? Well the Nigerians had had enough but some how nothing was done because the masses of people thought the Irish where the Nigerians strongest ally.

Truly interested in your thoughts as a jew.. also randomly i had a jewish roommate in college nice guy never had any problems with him and if anything he was a better roommate then i was.. although he did get one big benefit, he liked basketball and i was redshirting at a division 2 school well i would go to open gym and dominate and he got to win a bunch and stay on the court when he would have been getting killed normaly..

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jews on voat so weird.

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More camel jockeys in Europe, less nearby to invade Israel.

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Not only jews, the non-jewish elites want the same.

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Race doesn't exist in white countries. Consider this an evolutionary pressure that will make us even better.

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Well the picture would be accurate if it was a white older guy who had good eye sight and was tall and good looking and didnt use a computer from the 90s.. i text almost exclusivly from my phone you reddit cuck grammar nazi piece of shit...

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Thanks for pointing out my errors.. been posting a alot from my phone and not double checking like i should.