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She seems excited about going to hell.

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Do they have the one 3 months later with a cloud of dust leading out of an open door and her weeping over a positive pregnancy test?

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Downvoated because reddit.

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https://snew.github.io/r/funny/comments/9bwd13/at_that_moment_the_guy_in_blue_regretted_being/ :

At that moment the guy in blue regretted being there and started preparing an answer for the upcoming “Sooo?” from his girl : funny

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1 point still mean 1 upvote right or have they added some new metric to hide the fact that it's a bot network?

But yeah, it sure is funny. I'm practically dying here.

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New metric.

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she'll pay the bill and he'll steal the tip on their way out

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Ok I'll mark that down.

"Reddit sucks"

Thanks for the update.