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When kids turn 18 they can be who or whatever they want to be... glue a weiner on a little girl does not make it a boy or removing a weiner does not make it a girl. Genetically they will be what they are born. Nothing in the liberal insanity will change it. Personally I find it all a mental illness.

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I mean it's objectively not healthy. A perfectly healthy biological individual basically needs to satisfy a few key requirements to sustain not only itself, but its species. Which means it must be able to successfully reproduce. Just as sterile and barren people would not fit the model of good reproductive health, so we should say that those who willingly sterilize themselves do not fit the model of good mental health. This applies to gays and lesbians too. Call it natural, call it a fetish, call it whatever you want, but it is not healthy. Especially now that we're aware of all the increased ancillary health risks the lifestyles bring, choosing to follow that desire could be considered risk seeking behavior, which is qualification for numerous psychological ailments.

As you said, when you're an adult, do what you want if you're only ultimately hurting yourself. But to impress your unhealthy lifestyle choices on children is just sick.

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This would be the first condition in the history of the science of mental health where the delusion of the patient is enabled by health professionals.

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Shocker: "Parents describe a process of immersion IN SOCIAL MEDIA, such as ‘binge-watching’ Youtube transition videos and excessive use of Tumblr, immediately preceding their child becoming gender dysphoric"

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It's almost as if there's a (((coordinated effort))) to brainwash Western kids.

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There is some decent criticism of the study. But no one else has studied the question. Most likely because academics are too afraid to study it. In the mean time, children are being permanently disfigured, harmed and psychological scared.

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I predict increased suicide rates in the next 10 -12 years. Not really a difficult prediction, I guess.

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sick., it's pretty fucked up. Sex surgery on 4 year olds, well might as well get them hooked on pain-killers early too.

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No-one is performing sex change operations on 4-year-olds.

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So how old are they Mr. 4 year old gynecologist?

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Next thing you know, people will start thinking that fat isn't genetic, people aren't all the same, homosexuality is a lifestyle, gender isn't a social construct, jews lie ... I mean the whole world could go to singularity!

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Kids are aching for attention. Celebrating young trans folk is dangerous because kids might see it as a means to stand out and be recognized. Caution should not be seen as transphobia, but a desire to make sure the kid really, really wants to go through with something very dangerous, both to their physical health and to their wellbeing if they leave their supportive group.

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Remember cutters? Kids that cut themselves. This is the new version of that. Except this is being encouraged by adults.

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Transphobia is such a bullshit word as it implies being critical of transgendered people is somehow irrational.

It's not.

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signs of indirect gender dysphoria 1. Difficulty with simply getting through the day. 2. A sense of misalignment, disconnect, or estrangement from your own emotions. 3. A feeling of just going through the motions in everyday life, as if you were reading from a script. 4. A seeming pointlessness to your life, and no sense of any real meaning or purpose. 5. Knowing your somehow different from everyone else, and wishing you could be normal like them....

JFC this describes just about any adult with an IQ above 100 struggling to pay their bills and raise a family.

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Or depression. Like I said in another post, being a tranny is the new ADD. In the 90s, every troubled kid was told they have ADD.

Funny thing about IQ. I take meds for bipolar. They take probably 20 IQ points off, but when I don’t take them, I am miserable. Ignorance, bliss, etc.

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