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If you want to be taken seriously try not to sound so crazy. White eel creatures will literally climb out of my butthole? I'm sure you can at least find a video.

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The things I watched and then read about thereafter have scarred me for life.

I submit to you that nothing I've said is even a slight exaggeration. Americans are basically stacks of parasitic worms shaped like people. You need to cleanse yourself with a bunch of spices and dietary agenda to slowly kill them and poop them out or go hard core and squirt goats milk in your ass.....wait....then shit out piles of worms.

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Well look man. I'm not saying NO to your point. I'm just asking for more proof before I shoot goat milk up my ass. I really don't think that is asking to much.

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If they're far enough down in your intestine that they can sense a milk and honey bath and come out, how do they also not get carried out with your poop?

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this is why drugs are bad. dont do meth kids. it aint worth it.

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uh no. Not even 1% of Westerners have that problem. milk and honey?? Sick pervert.

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Me thinks thou exaggerates a bit.

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I dare you to look into it