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I have had 8 teeth removed, including the wisdom teeth. There just wasn't enough space in my mouth for my giant freak teeth, apparently.

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My dentist when I was a kid said there was room for them, just leave them in. They grew in mostly straight, but I was "cutting teeth" for 10 goddamn years. Once they stopped pushing further through, it still sucked because they had just enough of an outward angle that I would occasionally bite the shit out of my cheek and it would swell up, making me more likely to bite the same spot again.

I had them taken out more than 20 years after my first dipshit dentist recommended leaving them in. They came out easily, and didn't even hurt afterward. It was well worth it to have them removed. Thankfully I had dental coverage that paid for it. IIRC, my copay was about 50 bucks, but I would have paid the full $750 to get rid of them.

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it would swell up, making me more likely to bite the same spot again.

That's the worst.

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Mine were all growing sideways and were partially under the gums. Also, because they were growing sideways, they were damaging the next tooth in line. It was also fucking painful, which was what forced me to get them fixed. It was pretty easy for even a pleb like me to see from the x-rays alone that they needed to come out.

Went under general anaesthetic and got it done in a local hospital's operating theatre, got all 4 removed, was high as a kite when I woke up, and ate nothing but icecream for the next few days. The painkillers meant I couldn't drive, so I lost a week of work. But now everything is great.

I didn't have insurance, and couldn't go on the public system (which also has a few months wait time), so had to pay in full (2k total). What was really surprising was how fast things go when you pay cash. Saw the dentist/specialist Friday afternoon. He asked if I could do Monday, and I'm like, "yeah, I can wait a week and a few days", "No, no, no, next Monday, after the weekend." When I read the paperwork there was a requirement that the money be paid 10 working days in advance...

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Still have mine. And also my tonsils and adenoids. Only thing that I don't have is the appendix. Son of a bitch tried to kill me but I killed it first.

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Did it bust?

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I fell asleep. Sorry for the late reply. Almost. Surgeon said he estimated about 30 minutes left by the time he got out.

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This is slightly funny because I havent had my wisdom teeth out yet and Im 32 and I apparently have an infection in my mouth right now and have to schedule a surgery to have them removed. Taking antibiotics to kill the infection.

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Next dentist that offers to remove my perfectly healthy wisdom teeth I'm going to tell him "fuck you" right to his face.

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Mine came in practically horizontally, imagine that; so I did have them removed, the upper ones that is, the lower ones seem to be in order and don't cause me pain.

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No need to remove healthy teeth. If they go bad and they can't be fixed then have the bad tooth removed at that time. I am of the opinion that the longer you can keep them the better off you will be

Some people are able to go through life with healthy teeth. Most are not so blessed. It is possible your genetic line comes with that feature.

If so it will save you a fortune. My own dentist drives an Audi - and I paid for it.

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