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The left is trying to destroy all of our careers and families. If they succeed, we'll all be flooded by right-wing death squads. It's a good thing the left is very small and weak like a little commie faggot. They sometimes manage to make little cracks though, which causes a small rise in level of right wing extremism. However our strong families and careers can patch up little cracks to sustain a strong society. However, should the left become big and strong they will become a real threat to society. Because should they make cracks in our families and careers too big to patch up, then flooding by right-wing death squads is imminent which is bad for everyone.


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This. The only reason we're not hunting antifaggot for sport is most of us have jobs families and just want to be left alone.


[–] ZapHammer ago 

LOL, you have not Sweden.