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Bill looks like a lich. Wonder where he keeps his phylactery.

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that motherfucker is being carried along on fetus blood necromancy

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He made a deal with the devil then married one....

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Phylactery may refer to: Tefillin, boxes containing Torah verses worn by some Jews when praying. An amulet or charm, worn for its supposed magical or supernatural power.

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Huh, I never knew it had anything to do with jews. I guess a lich is actually an undead rabbi?

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When in reference to a lich it is the latter.

It's something that needs to be crafted by a high level (evil) wizard before doing a ritual to bond the wizards soul. In order to kill the lich you must destroy the phylactery.

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that ugly bat hes married to is his phylactery, otherwise why not upgrade? as a puppet of israel he certainly could have a much nicer model of MKULTRA robot

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President Trump also doesn't have full-blown AIDS.

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He doesn't seem to owe penance to the rothschilds either but that's to be determined.

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No drugs no alcohol

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Or cigars

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Tobacco is a drug

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Trump is the ideal older man, as a 30something female, I can still say that I find him quite physically attractive, not to mention his charisma and personality... he's a serious force to be reckoned with. Now compare that to mr boy-lover-adrenochrome-junkie-witch-husband-pussy-ass-mofo kill bill clinton...

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So real masculinity attracts women, who knew.

Maybe someone should go over to the white knight soyboys on the left and tell them.

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I'm still skimming your comments. you seem very different from most posters on here. Trump is a woman, like ALL "males" on TV or in media that we hear about, and likewise ALL "females" we see in media are boys. and now I'm going to post loads and loads of images. because I think it might strike a cord in you. because you seem honest somehow.

"sombrero party"

"a chad among men" NSFW drawing

real man soldier vs soyboy

Pavel G & dickwomen

Ollie K near old martin

Becca & strats
gallery https://imgoat.com/uploads/2217062e9a/148123.png
gallery https://imgoat.com/uploads/2217062e9a/148124.png

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Bill Clinton is a rapist.

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HIV is a harsh mistress.

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Bill Clinton looks more and more like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars every day....

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Bill looks like a drunk.

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My bet is on doctor-prescribed fun meds. And some booze.

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you cant hide the jewish reptile figure. Notice even with plastic surgery old jews still end up looking like lizards.

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I'm not really in touch with this specific theory. Do you believe there was a separate evolution where jews are more descended from reptiles than everyone else?

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just an observation they always kvetch about it being too hot or too cold. Plus An actual human wouldn't shit where they sleep and try to destroy the world they live in too. that is the behavior of a parasite. When the end comes they are certain the mothership will come back for them

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Nope. (((Aliens.)))

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