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Not in a million motherfucking years will I eat "insects as a more sustainable protein".

Go fuck yourselves.

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They want everyone to live like a third world shit brown person.

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Yep. Fuck that.

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You already are if you're eating ketchup.

And that's how they'll spin it to the masses. News reports about this always has these gross images of maggots and flies and huge beetles and shit because that's what you see people eating on the street in Bangkok and it sells clicks but it's not how it'll end up in your store here at home.

They'll cultivate and mill beetles or grasshoppers for protein and the "flour" will be used as a thickening agent in sauces or sausages or some such. They'll invent some marketable term for it as well. You will never see a pack of 12 fresh jumbo grasshoppers in your store unless you're a hipster shopping at VirtueSignalMart.

They've already done it multiple times with low quality foods people at one point wouldn't eat if they were starving but are now perfectly normal and, in some cases, even considered delicacies. Marketing is a powerful thing and when every other product disappears because the new is cheapest and most profitable, we will be brought to heel as always because we lack any conviction to resist.

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For anyone wanting evidence of this, it's how Soy became a thing. First with bullshit health advisories that didn't work as well as they wanted them to. Then by infiltrating vegetarianism as a meat alternative to "prove" that it isn't harmful (at least in the short run). Now soy beans are a fixture additive in just about every processed food out there. Any time you see the term "There is no meaningful evidence that suggests [Insert negative coloration]" know that this is them trying to sell you garbage products based on incomplete data.

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I make my own condiments.

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Speak for yourself: I'll make my own ketchup.

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I know all about red food colour.

LIke I said, never in a million fucking years. I grow most of my own food already.

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What about if it's ground up and turned into a suppository

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You had me at suppository....

Lube me up!

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This is a UN plan for the world.

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Ya Tim Murdoch predicted precisely this would happen.

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I'm sure rats on a stick is next.

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Wow, didn't think I'd ever run in to the one person on planet Earth who's never heard of a kebab shop.

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Kebab is human meat generally.

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Rat is preferred.

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Why put them in the beef? If you’re going to do it, do it.

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Eating bugs is not a problem. Eating bugs because you're starving in a socialist country is a problem.

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Exactly, was going to comment saying this myself. Insects have been available for human consumption in countries like the US and Britain for quite some time and were not then and are not now a sign of collapse.

As far as the "sustainable" angle, while I am sure they are sustainable there are a lot of other protein sources that are just as sustainable and are enticing enough not to need to be ground into a powder or covered in ground meat. Both chickens and rabbits require very little room and can be fed basically waste material (food scraps for chickens and garden scraps for rabbits).

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haha that's funny, there is this podcast called "This Week in #WhiteGenocide" precisely predicted this would happen.

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Link? And recommendations on other podcasts?

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I also recommend The Southern AF podcast & Hate House with Larry Ridgeway.

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http://www.noagendashow.com has been talking about this for years. They even have eat bugs jingles.

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How did they tie this to white genocide?

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Not exactly sure if they did or not. They said the elites are going to push bug eating on us for environmental reasons and basically because they want us to live like third world people. And because of over population.

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the bugs eat better than Brits lol

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Why not just eat the goddamn hamburger instead of feeding it to bugs? Dumb fucking globalist schmucks.

You're gonna have to airdrop cargo containers full of gold ingots on my front door to get me to start eating fucking mealworms instead of of beef or chicken. Fuck you.

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solent green is people. They need a way to hide the human dna?

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