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Much points to he is indeed controlled opposition. Statements like that in some way makes people zionists rather than anti-zionist. That will not wake people up. People would just think alt-right is stupid which could be the reason behind the statement. Patrick Little background check.

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I dont give a shit about the supposed alt-right. Just to be clear. I dont associate with any political movement. Every last one can eat a dick.

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defeatist fagging

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Lest we forget Hitler was elected thanks to Jewish contributions, the biggest banks in Berlin supported him and oh look, the owners were Jewish. They kind of neglected to mention that in history class.

Milo and others never mention Jewish sin, therein lies the difference.

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Is this from jews or idiots? That was way too long to read in one sitting, but it raises some questions that a thinking person would want answers for. If it's not true, or contains false information, then point that out. Some of those claims are pretty troubling, though. Would be nice if someone could show how they're false.

Jews Rape Kids!

What is the likely effect on the normie population when they see a guy on the side of the street holding this sign?

Who is his actual target demographic, and what effect does he want to have on them?

He does explain his tactics in a fairly credible way here.

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you voiced my concerns pretty aptly, what do normies see when they see this overt shit; it seems to me he's building himself as a target to allow all JQ-related questions to be auto-dismissed trough, 'all JQ is just retards like patric little.'