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This fucking guy. If nothing else, he's a great troll.

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He gets his tactic directly from George Lincoln Rockwell, this how we know he's not controlled opposition

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He's not a troll, he's just someone who is telling the truth.

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Rockwell would be proud.

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He rocked and he did rock well!

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Another background check on Little, stay true and critical in all times. Do not get tricked peeps. More and more it seems like he is controlled opposition. Why would 4chan jew mods ban all critical threads about Little just exposing facts about him? If you cannot handle facts then alt-right etc are like the rest of the leftists and none of what you preach.


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Gold. He's using pointers from Rockwell's speech

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Speech? Link?

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Smart, why reinvent fractional reserve banking.

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I dont know if i like this. Hes not wrong. But this isnt a red pill its a red suppository

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Good for people who are continually spouting shit from their mouths and regularly accept things in their ass.

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Over the bay of degenerates...dispensing air to surface redpills....jimmies were rustled!!!

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Its probably effective on the Latino underclass. They generally dont engage is Jew/Islam style pedophilia. They like em to at least have hit puberty. Latinos are also racists generally. So they would look at something like that and think about it.

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Sometimes it has to be a suppository.

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Jesus Christ, the fucking kikes complaining in this thread. "Oh, he's controlled opposition, he's actually a Jew." I suppose Hitler was a Jew too? Even if he is a Jew, it doesn't fucking matter. He makes Jews mad, and he exposes their crimes. His methods may not be the easiest for normies to swallow, but he's doing more than you.

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Without hitler jews wouldn't have moved into israel.

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What is the Balfour declaration then? The point of the Haavara agreement was to get the Jews out of Germany. They would still have colonized Palestine without it

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you're not wrong, but there's is a case to be made for 'think long term, not short term'; seeing a blimp with 'gass the jews - patrick little' will just make people able to say 'anyone who raises any JQ related issue is just a nazi like patrick little' without having to even think about, or address a legitimate concern.

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But what is the net effect of his actions? Would be nice to see some counter-evidence to that supposed exposé posted above. Did he study hebrew and have all those jewish associations? I mean, maybe it's so long to dissuade people from digging into it, but it does raise troubling questions.

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That blimp only services his fans. Most people will see him as just another white racist asshole and move on. How does this help the right more than the sjw left?

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Most is the keyword here. Some will be curious.

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Damn! Who's bankrolling this dude? I love him even more every day.

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Claiming someone can't become an ethno nationalist after they were libertarian is really stupid. I learned of Ron Paul in about 05, read his books and listened to any interview I could find. I was a big fan. Only later did I learn of things that made me realize libertarianism can never work in America. I had no idea who George Lincoln Rockwell or William Luther Pierce were until a couple of years ago. The ideas that they present are things I'd never even heard of. Up until then it was pretty standard that natsoc was evil. Any type of nation or collective was evil. Hitler was a socialist. The Germans were crazy and murdered all of the Jews because they had lost their collective minds. It's a long way from growing up in America's schools to understanding the brilliance of men like Ford, Lindbergh, Rockwell, Pierce, Duke...

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That is a fucking thorough investigation... Archive this to your red pill folders before it is shoah'd.

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Excellent info! Those sneaky kikes. Even to this day the Schopenhauer quote is just as salient:

"The jews are the scum of the earth, but they are the MASTERS of lying"

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Oy vey the humanity!

(What? Someone had to.)

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God dammit Marie, it's a BLIMP, not a dirigible!

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Joos got rekt.

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