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Print up some star of david stickers, and put them on their campaign posters.

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I like it, but only one per poster won't have nearly the effect of two. Two will stress the concept exponentially.

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Put up a poster with "Diversity for Israel".

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While you are at it, big-nose stickers on the posters.

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The Star of David is so 1942. It's all about blue check marks these days.

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Political office is the most impactful way for one person to contribute to destroying a nation. Every jew is drawn to politics

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And lawyers

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And to media and to 'entertainment' business...

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Before that is the money.

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They live has never been more correct.

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Well it is a documentary. :)

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You may find this interesting.


Although I can't validate it.

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That's plenty info for me. You can also tell by the tone of the writer that they are sincere. Guarded in accusations, but wary. I knew the first time I saw him being bombastic and stomping on the Israeli flag that something was wrong with him. Took a lot of flak on this site for pointing that out. Oh well.

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While involved with Vets4Trump Patrick also worked with Nicole Garay.

Yet they just assert this and offer no source at all, conveniently this is directly when the jew link appears.

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Believe (((me))) fellow white people, that guy naming the chosen of God is a fraud!

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Thanks for sharing.

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when @Amalek was a pariah

To be fair, most of us didn't disagree with Amalek. He just posted the same comment like a million times in the same thread and posted the same post to multiple subs at once.

It was like having someone stand one foot away from you screaming "Water is Wet!!!!!" into a megaphone over and over again.

I often thought it was either a jew plant to try to condition us into automatically downvoting anti-jew content "because Amalek", or a manufactured "boogey-man" that the wannabe-powermods that used to be here in numbers could use as an excuse to censor the subs they oversaw.

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The weird thing was, he occasionally had small moment of lucid thought. He was fun to talk to during those moments. Then he'd go back to crazy ranting.

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Do you know that happened to amalek?

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Put your own poster up:

Don't vote for a jew.

Then record the jew taking it down, a violation of federal law.

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It really is the jews.

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Maybe you should move out of jewtopia?

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Just wait until you start spotting them on the street, subconsciously analyzing the facial features of everyone you see and checking for things like hook noses and jew fros.

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Already happening.

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