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You nailed it dude! Western women are caught in this trap of thought, that men and women are equal. How so? In what manner? It just simply is to them. Nevermind the fact that I'm 32 and there's no way in hell im marrying a woman my age or older. So many older chics I date seem bitter; while not grasping their ability to fuck whoever they want doesn't mean they should and when they do their stock drops. Sure it's good for a fuck, but even a date? Ha. Not to mention the chics on the edge of 40 now using their saved eggs to have kids solo. Feminism gives women an endless trough of bullshit to feed from. With no mention that not a single feminist woman is happy after 40 and no dude wants to date them

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Yea, this is just the general impression I have of these older professionals who pride themselves on having built a career and have a cat or dog.

I remember talking to my younger sister about this when she finished her Master's and I said to her that at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what career you cut out for yourself, men don't really care about that, your "rank" in the professional world is not as important as how attractive and nice you are. For a guy it's different. Granted a woman can't be some empty-headed moron where there are zero conversation topics but striving to be something big in the workplace is really not that relevant on the partner market. For some reason, women lose sight of this - and I often wonder who is telling them to focus so much on career and just "forget about their age".

Nevermind the fact that I'm 32 and there's no way in hell im marrying a woman my age or older.

There were a few studies on this, where researchers gathered data from dating sites it showed that women searched for partners around their own age and men from all age groups searched primarily for women in their early and mid-twenties.

How do women rationalize these facts? Do they just ignore them?

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How do women rationalize these facts?

Met many women?

I'll winnow down on the problem with this sentence:

women - rationalize

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Women rationalizing facts


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yep, I read the same studies. Men's tastes don't vary.

Women are basically reduced to saying 'that is sexist' when they encounter these studies. They whine, they blame men, but they don't consider basic biology. Women did not evolve to have babies at 40. Men did not evolve to desire 40 year old women as mates.

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It’s like they don’t realize the comments read like a script

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Whose time is up? You realize I post here and on the chans, right?

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Yes, men and women don't age at the same rates. This is obvious from looking at teenagers. Teenage girls hit their peak of physical beauty at 18 or 19, continuing until about 23. After that it is a slide down in attractiveness until the magic mark of 33. At 32-33 most men stop paying attention, since studies show male preferences on the optimal age of females is around 20-23. Even a 65 year old man will still think 23 year olds are optimally attractive.

Why? Well, in our past women did not reproduce at 40. They had babies early, at 14-16. Even today some cultures marry off girls at those ages.

Males, on the other hand, don't seem to mature and hit their adult bodies until later in life. They peak at 28, but can maintain attractiveness into their early 40s.

Nature simply isn't 'FAIR' in that respect, as you point out.

PS: You are right, marry younger. You should have a 5 year age gap minimum. However, don't wait too long to marry and raise a family. I did, and it was a bad idea for several reasons.

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I've been in the military, film school and now trying to build a production company; never had one love be supportive. I'm a get rich quick schemer when I invest in cryptos and it's the (my name)show when I pursue my film career with the help of the gi bill. I don't think there's such thing as a woman who believes in her man if he isn't already established

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I think it is all wrapped up with the 3rd wave feminist "career mindset" and the college racket. Instead of spending their young, most fertile and viable years settling with the man they want to have children with, they are being ushered into a "degree program" which is really just 4-5 years of ritualized promiscuity and drugs. "Hey have fun. You're young!".

So they ride the cock carousel during the entire decade of their 20s, constantly pursuing that career that will make them "oh so happy" (translation: empty and miserable). Then they hit 35, the party is over, their looks and fertility have been on a steady decline since 25 (although maybe not bad yet), all of the guys they used to fuck around with are married to some other girl from college (and they won't be divorcing until at least mid-40s).

Then they find themselves in mid-level management, sitting alone in a 1 bedroom apartment full of cats and empty wine bottles, watching the Real Housewives re-runs at 2 a.m., lonely as fuck and dreading even having to get up in the morning to get to work. They want a child, a husband, and a proper home.

The solution? Take to social media and complain about how all the good men are gone and white men suck (because now only negro moochers who want a place to stay hit them up).

Welcome to modern feminism young ladies, hope you enjoy your stay.

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Agree with your interpretation.

One additional issue is education. Women want men with the same or higher levels of education. That is becoming more difficult to find, given sex ratios in University. So women end up pursuing a shrinking set of men, while men in that pool have a wider range of options.

The men in the desirable category can choose women 10+ years younger. No 40 year old man with education and a career has to marry a 40 year old woman when he can choose a 30 year old.

(I married a 27 year old when I was 40, which admittedly was late in life to marry..... if I could do it all over again I would marry a 23-25 year old at 35).

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By 25 they are already going downhill. Late thirties, please!

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Perhaps in part. But mostly current society is not focused on reproduction at all. Pretty much no one these days is brought up with the goal of reproduction. Pretty much no one is taught how to find a suitable partner or how to create circumstances to raise a family. Everybody is taught that nothing matters as long as their happy, they should just go to school, get a job, and enjoy a goalless life.

But then around 30, reality hits people. And without any knowledge on how to find a suitable partner or how to raise a family, people rush in to marriage, get 1 or 2 kids, divorce, and continue on their path of destruction.

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Great points! Especially

Pretty much no one is taught how to find a suitable partner or how to create circumstances to raise a family.

The media doesn't show this anymore, schools don't talk about this anymore. It seems to be shunned, too "old-fashioned" to have a stable, nuclear family.

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It seems to be shunned, too "old-fashioned" to have a stable, nuclear family.

Marxists see nuclear families as the root of capitalism because parents care only about their own children instead of caring about all children, and thus give an unfair advantage to their own children at the cost of other children.

Even worse is when parents pass on their wealth to their children, this leads to even more inequality with respect to those who inherit nothing.

Thats why commies hate families.

Christianity emphasizes the building of nuclear families and prohibits theft, which is why commies are trying to destroy Christianity.

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Exactly what the dirty jews want

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"current society is not focused on reproduction at all"

You mean current white and east asian society. The brown and black masses have no problems pumping out the snotlings.

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Women are stupid. They do it to themselves.

And then they hit THE WALL.

I just dumped a 36.

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That's rough. Did she stress the fact she is a career woman and all? I don't understand why women think that will make them more appealing that their own face and body. Granted it's important for a women to find a guy who is financially responsible and has a stable career, but not the other way around.

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That is a fun game they play. The breakup game works if you're a cute little twenty year old. If you're older than twenty eight and think a guy is going to give in to your threats of leaving you're fooling yourself.

"Fine! If you don't do this I'm leaving!" * looks around and sees a future with cats and wine * "Wait a minute, honey...let's talk about this..."

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She said "I don't mean to be a bitch, but..." and I finished it with "you're a narcissistic bitch." She was fun a few years ago...

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Some women, to be fair, still have quite value on the dating market at 35´s, ive met nurses like this and they can get quite the legions of beta trying to get a slice.

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Those men looking for the 35 year olds are either dumb or they don't want children. No 35 year old woman has value in terms of reproductive ability. By the time a 35 year old finds a guy, gets married, has a year with her husband... she is 37. Far too old to start having a family. The risks of birth defects goes way up.

Not to mention energy level. My wife got pregnant at 29, and she states outright that she wishes she had a kid at 21. The female body is not designed for childbirth in the 30s.

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It was caused by kike influence.

There, saved you from reading the entire post.

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Poland is a very Catholic country. Hence , marriage before sex and abortion is frowned on.

Western societies are very 'possession' orientated. Everyone has to have 'it'. That's why China makes billions selling crap.

It's a fact that humans are living longer. Mostly due to sanitation, not medicine.

So, if a person who wants everything and knows they might live an extra 10 -15 years. Why not put off having children, which puts a huge road block in the way off me, me, me.

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That's a good point. In that sense, Poland is more of the exception than rule among the post-Eastern bloc countries.

In Germany, children are seen as an ugly "expense", a nuiscance. They're shit because they cost money. Of course any family, with state help if need be, can afford to raise a family in Germany, that goes without saying. But if you have kids, then that money spent would have gone to an X-box, a second SUV, another dog, or extra trip to Spain.

Humans live longer, but they are not fertile longer. The rate of defects a child can have is higher when the parents are older, in particular the woman.

So in the end, you have a old shrivelled couple (if they haven't divorced) that is buying stuff until they die. How dystopian.

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Exactly right. You can defer kids until 40, but it doesn't mean your body will appreciate it.

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Every message a girl gets from the start is that it's intellectually inferior to have children.

That 50% of all marriages end in divorce statistic is thrown at them constantly as a warning. It was just another complete lie of pseudo science.

The doom and gloom of leprosy or not being upper middle class is what awaits them if they don't get a career established first.

Being a tax paying consumer is shoved down their throats more thoroughly than the boy's.

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White girls, you mean. Somali girls aren't told this. Indian girls aren't told this.

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Who on voat, when talking about dating women, means anything but white women?

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I had my son at 21, now at 32 I am seriously grateful. Every person I know from my generation has had to resort to IVF to even get pregnant, usually multiple times. Its just insane. Our generation was pushed to go out and make a career and "there will be time for family later", it doesn't take either of my medical degrees to tell me that that's incorrect. The biological clock ticks on but the sleeping masses where fooled into thinking they could have it all.

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Also you have the advantage that when your son is independent, you have even time for yourself. You will be in your 40s but believe me, that's not old. There's still so much more to your life.

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Take it from me, 40 is not old. I don't feel much different from when I was 26, except for the ability to sleep only 4 hours and still function.

40 is too old to start a family. Even though I am fit, energetic, educated, and married to a much younger wife, I wish I had started a family sooner. Having a kid at 21 is not a bad idea, as it forces you to become mature faster.

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^ Thank you! I agree completely, he's already grown to be a pretty independent kid, an old soul :) I try to red pill him gently a bit more each day, and he's pretty smart and open about it. It's a lot for a kid I'm sure, hell, it's a lot for us adults! So it's a slow careful business, but he always surprises me! I'm so grateful to have him. I was lucky enough to have great family support and be able to go to university and have a great career (it ended unfortunately with PTSD but hey, it was fun while it lasted), and now I have a lot of time to spend with him, so, I hope he will grow up to be a great young man.

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