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AND I THINK you are a faggot

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Not just that, but a nigger too.

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You're a gay black kike.

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Does it bother you fellow goats that we are a tiny site? Yet i think we are speaking the truth 90 plus percent of the time? I would have thought there are more of us out there but it still seems we are a minority yet our thoughts and intuition seems to be correct

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No, It used to be bigger. It grows and shrinks based on what's going on.

The sad thing is that most people would rather go to Reddit and be lied to while looking at funny cat pictures.

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I was universaly banned from reddit.. i go there to just look at the train wreck and be amazed at how insane liberals are.. its not enjoyable at all its sad.

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The mountain top is small, but the view from the top is vast.

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we're the tip of the sword. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SkNzSIJYbQ lol.

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It does... I wouldn't want it to ever be as large as Reddit. But it is depressing that more people don't come to voat. But ya gotta realize there are lots of people with this mindset. They just are either so old that they don't use reddit or voat. Or they are young enough that they don't reddit much either and its all 4chan and 8chan for them.

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All it takes is a steady stream and the Grand Canyon is formed.

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Reddit & 4chan... no thank you

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Dude, Voat is a teeny niche site. It always was. It used to be an ok reddit alternative, albeit one with less content. But it was still small. Now, it is a bit of an alt right echo chamber. Which i understand as honestly, there is nowhere else you can talk about the stuff that gets mentioned here. I honestly dont think (((they))) are afraid of anyone here. I think they are terrified of voat's current ideology going mainstream and so long as the alt right is safely contained here i think they are delighted.
I think voat could do more to be welcoming to new folk, maybe screaming "kike" and "nigger" at everyone who walks through the door may not be the best welcome wagon and i suspect that stuff may be keeping our numbers down. I'm fine with us blasting shills and closet SJW fucktards and bringing up the JQ is fine and all. But Jesus.... Go a little more gently, for pete's sake. The application of red pills to normies could be done a little more tactfully than screaming "1488 global ethnostate motherfucker! Gas the jews you nigger cunt!".

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I think what bothers me the most are the people who just won't even go on Reddit anymore... Like that's where you are needed most man. Keep making new accounts until you are IP banned.

Voat is my place I come to too remind me im not alone. There are a lot of people who believe in free speech.

This is a jumping off platform and a place for primed for red pill already normies to come and learn some very unsettling facts.

When I first got here I was all about free speech. But still very hung up on some deep rooted lies about Jews, Niggers, I was pretty red pilled on women...but I was convinced Hitler was a terrible man for instance.

So you not gunna get any fresh off the boat liberals no matter what ya do. You gotta plant those seeds on other platforms. And that's what Kikes are most afraid of.

If a voater doesn't wanna wade into the shit storm that is the rest of the internet I get it... But the ones who can actually take it. Need to keep accounts on Reddit and go to the subs were the liberal echo chambers are and drop subtle hints.

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Shut your cunthole kike.

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on voat

are you actually havin a giggle m8?

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Ive seen em, i swear

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I for one am ready to realy start gassing some kikes this time around.

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notabug.io (or its peers) for a decentralized alternative

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hey, my welcome was "niggerfaggotkike" and I laughed. I get it. This site is beyond priceless even beyond the "gas the jews" shite. The fact that "gas the jews" can be said somewhere at all proves how important Voat is to free speech.

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Well the Jews need to be gassed and we know that’s true because it can’t be said anywhere else

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Poal.co reminds me of your description. voats polar bear friend.

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I looked at Poal. No thanks.

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