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I had a wonderful 15 1/2 years with my Cocker Spaniel. I should have had her put to sleep 6 months earlier when I started noticing her distress. After her passing I noticed how relaxed her face was and realized to my shame that she had been in pain but could not let me know. She was a loyal dog. Here is hoping that you can accept that we have to make difficult decisions for the pet, not for ourselves.


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My boss has had a cocker for 17 years; for the last three this dog has never seemed happy. It had hip surgery a year ago and it has breathing problems and recently has not been eating. My boss ( a 65 yr old childless cunt ) took the dog back to the vet today to get intravenous feeding. I can't comprehend why she doesn't let it go - the dog doesn't even really seem to like her.