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Sorry for your loss. Hope you keep focused on the fact that you're doing the right thing for that little guy, even though it hurts to see him go.

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I had a wonderful 15 1/2 years with my Cocker Spaniel. I should have had her put to sleep 6 months earlier when I started noticing her distress. After her passing I noticed how relaxed her face was and realized to my shame that she had been in pain but could not let me know. She was a loyal dog. Here is hoping that you can accept that we have to make difficult decisions for the pet, not for ourselves.

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My boss has had a cocker for 17 years; for the last three this dog has never seemed happy. It had hip surgery a year ago and it has breathing problems and recently has not been eating. My boss ( a 65 yr old childless cunt ) took the dog back to the vet today to get intravenous feeding. I can't comprehend why she doesn't let it go - the dog doesn't even really seem to like her.

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I had a baby kitten that didn't make it to 9 months old. The vet, which I'll never use again, was convinced he was being poisoned. Finally figured out he was diabetic. I went in to say goodbye (left him in the morning for them to figure out what was wrong, went in later on that day) and he had already passed. Didn't even get to say goodbye. Snuggle with the little guy and know he'll be better in the long run. Sorry you have to go through it too.

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I learned taking my dog to the vet for something relatively minor that it was mostly guesswork. After 600 bucks or so and a year of back and forth with nothing working I started making my dog's food myself ... and the problem resolved.

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Thanks man

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sry to hear. @KatHarzso

putting down a pet is very hard to do.

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Rip kitty kitty.

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11 , 3. 11 ×3 = 33. Why would you give such specific numbers. Makes no sense.

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What's the significance of 33? Makes no sense.

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Mason trannies love it

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Its a secret message.

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You are a bad person.

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Im a murderous bastard

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No, you are just trash.

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Its done

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I have a diabetic cat. It only took 2 months of the shots and changing from dry food to wet food for him to go into remission. He now plays like a kitten and I got the weight off him. He's also 10. I think you're making a mistake and looking for the easy way out. Here's some info if you decide to put forth a little more effort.


Don't be a faggot.

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He is dead

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