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Putt really needs a separate bathroom for server storage

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But shitting and server maintenance at the same time! Makes life easier!

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true - we just have to live with inevitable downtime when tp rolls hanging from the cables need replacement

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Also known as the "Pajeet method".

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He can say it's for his recipes and yoga

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You know - if we could fix some of the commercial side of this web site then perhaps we could afford to move Putt out of that cardboard box he's living in and at least get the man a decent walk in tent, and maybe even a bicycle.

I'm not saying the box is bad... I'm sure it's very nice... it's just a little hard to code with squirrels chewing on the wires:)

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SQUIRREL chewed NASDAQ once!

20 million shares were not traded in NASDAQ in CT,USA when SQUIRREL CHEWED NASDAQ WIRE and 82 minutes down ! :


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Squirrels tried to burn down my house and murder us all in our beds. They are not trustworthy.

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Go out right now for a vigorous walk. Make yourself so tired it's hard to think.

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A squirrel knocked out my power once when it climbed inside a transformer that then exploded. I wasn't there to see them remove it's corpse, but the workers from the power company told me it had a very surprised look on its face.

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That utter cunt.

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Haven't heard from that guy in a while. How's he been?

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Last I knew he had changed his name on here then disappeared.

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He died of AIDS

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I Prayed for God to bring voat back online, a few minutes before it came back. Did that have any impact on the recovery? Any seemingly unexplainable miraculous type occurences that helped voat get back up?

I had a NICE piece of nigger TRUTH I NEEDED to post in reply to a nigger I was talking with. So he can report back to his nigger bretheren, what is, as opposed to the ABSOLUTE SHIT that they believe about their situation and whites in general.

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Prayer works. God is real. Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

[–] thebearfromstartrack 4 points 8 points (+12|-4) ago  (edited ago)

I know. It's WAY too difficult (on purpose) to explain my PERSONAL journey, but there ARE small signs of encouragement that there is INDEED something FAR beyond our pathetic ability to comprehend or even detect. You said it bro!

Why anyone, given the world as it is, would CHOOSE evil, is BEYOND my ability to comprehend.

Too many seem to think God is here to please them, rather than the OTHER way around (test).

[–] XSS1337 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Poseidon would like a word with you ...

[–] talmoridor-x 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Jesus is a tranny.

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God knows my heart and I am not afraid.

[–] thebearfromstartrack 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

God says I'll be okay, but he's pretty sure you're fucked. (-Braveheart) FREEEEEDDUMMMMMMM


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I was trying to make a post about vaccines and herd immunity when it went out...

Basically I'm confused as to how that's an excuse to force people to take vaccines. And how the modern immunologists arrived at the 80-95% number needed...

A coworker who literally told me that they are happy to stew themselves in germs and not wash their hands (and who smokes and is fat and balding at 20 something) got mad at me for not believing in vaccination. And this was immediately following a declarative statement that they do not believe in scientific studies. WTF?! BUT MUH HERD IMMUNITY! YER IRRESPONSIBLE!

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Doctors are lying about herd immunity. I'm an anthrofag and what I was taught about how herd immunity develops in a population is completely different from what the vaccine pushers claim.

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  • We need to vaccinate everyone for herd immunity!!!


  • We need to import the unvaccinated third world!!!


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The problem is our vaccines come from China.

We have to make new clean vaccine methods and have them made here in the US or Japan.

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The "503 panic" had set in . . .

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Its just your IP address that's banned! Oh Nooooo!

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i thought "i can live without voat, right self? what is the contigency plan? where can i go now? i think i can live without voat...hmmm..." *searches "what happened to voat aug292018"
"okay just breath. go do something. ANYTHING!!!!" twiddles thumbs. paces. touches toes. does mock tai chi and meditation and yes, prays to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to not allow the hellspawn of earth triumph over voat

goes to voat.co and blessed relief. all is right with the world. unitl the big show.

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Whew......what a relief. It's back! I fucking love this place!

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I think the cat nibbled at the network cable again.

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Cat? This is voat not reddit! We have goats, plus more likely a goat eat a wire don’t you think?

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Yeah man, it was totally those filthy goats. Don't let them tell you otherwise.

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I stand corrected.

[–] 77777 7 points -2 points (+5|-7) ago 

Goats are for satanist trannies

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