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I don’t even use my front page. I just browse all. Block the subs I dont care to see.

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Yup, me too (no not #metoo), but subby has a point, the ordering algorithm needs to be tweaked.

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I’m sure it does, but that shit is beyond my knowledge base. OP’s title sure is hyperbolic, in my opinion.

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I’m not sure if it’s the algorithm or traffic of the subvoats that are the issue. Maybe both.

If you go to new, do you see the same results or do you now see posts for all the subs you applied to?

While people may be posting to those subs, there may not be a lot of traffic which is why it doesn’t show on the front page.

But there have been a few posts from smaller subs which appeared on my front page with 6 votes. Maybe it had a lot of traffic in that particular post? I’m clueless...

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https://voat.co/new is a bit better, but nothing like my personal front page used to be.

And that's just the newest submissions. I don't want a constantly scrolling list of the moment's submissions. I want a lot of the submissions I subscribed to.

https://voat.co/v/all/new gives a lot of variety. But it still only gives me a ephemeral glimpse of what's going on.

I want my subs!

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Make them more active is what I was implying. The only way to do that is by going to v/new (or whatever is the better one for you).

They have to be active for them to hit your front page. More active than the posts that are currently hitting the front page which can be difficult to do with 1 account.

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There is a real problem they are trying to solve. Voat has been the victim of brigading and straw man attacks. TPTB have sent 'racist trolls' to post Nigger hundreds of times, so that they can then show this site to be nothing more than an alt-right hate fest.

Your concerns are valid, however some of these manipulations are done to keep fatpeoplehate from being the public face of Voat when that is not the truth at all.

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I'm talking about MY front page. I created an account, subscribed to numerous subverses, and I no longer see those subverses unless I visit them one at a time. I used to see a mix of numerous subverses on my front page.

This is not about the front page seen by people who don't have an account.

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well, you could make an effort to visit each of those subs. write an html script to load a page for each and just go through rss style.

otherwise I kinda think they have a lot on their plate. you could try v/suggestionsforvoat or whatever that subverse is

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Works fine for me. My front page only shows subs I'm subscribed to.

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Are you subscribed to high-volume subverses like /v/news and /v/politics and /v/whatever? I am, and that's all I see.

Hey! Maybe that is my problem. If those automatically appear on the front page, and appear of you subscribe to them, maybe I'm getting a double whammy.

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That's exactly what's happening. I dont subscribe to high volume subverses for exactly that reason.

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Perhaps not. I unsubscribed to them and still get almost all them.

Edit: I waited a while and now my front page looks more normal. But I still suspect lots of people are subscribed to the populars and being drowned in politics.

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No, several weeks ago it changed to be like this all the time. I have seen only a few subscribed subverse posts for weeks now.

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@Atko and @PuttItOut here is an example: https://voat.co/v/TraditionalWives/new

Just a few weeks ago, this subverse got 5-10 submissions a day. In the last week it got only 5 submissions.

P.S. I'm not criticizing. I appreciate your work a lot. It just looks like an obscure option got set to the wrong number by accident.

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Articles not favorable to blacks get shoahed over a month ago on voat (after 10 hours or more) but now algortithm seems to not do that anymore. Someone was trying to make it "advertising friendly" or something.