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Giving someone money of your own free will is the exact opposite of welfare. That’s how it should be, not mandated by government. Whether it’s a good idea to give money to whores is another debate, but it’s not welfare

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“Take your top off, whore! Here, have a dollar.”

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OP just sounds like a pent up beta male.

"I can't get any women because all you guys are giving them money on twitch!"

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True its not welfare, its actually worse than welfare,

women in welfare at least pop babies, these patreon whores dont, they actually get rich, unlike welfare, and still promote the lifestyle, unlike welfare.

With added bonus of supporting kike globalist piggy banks of these processing companies.

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Bro, the chicks who go on welfare are not the ones you want to reproduce. Intelligent women, hardworking women go to university and then shackle themselves to a desk and waste their most fertile years building up a career that, when compared to a man's, is merely adequate.

Welfare queens are do-nothing, stupid, lazy, and maybe they're probably at best good for a fuck or two, and even then only if they haven't ridden the cock carousel. You don't want to get the herps on your penis.

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Imagine the monetization opportunities people will get one live streaming conservative mothers becomes a trend. Patreon for their schools, bitcoin tips for every time they get an A...

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Welfare doesn't need to be given by a government. The term means only to look after or provide. It is welfare.

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It’s welfare because these cucks are only increasing the welfare state that is women. They are contributing nothing to society except the acceleration of its collapse. Especially through the actual welfare state.

There is a reason women are not overall tax payers, in fact on average women by age 50 are -$150,000 in the hole and men are paying 200% of overall tax payments.

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No. There’s an enormous difference. They are spending their own money and not yours or mine. Welfare is having your money taken under threat of force by government and then given to others.

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Both are fucking stupid pathetic and have zero value, and both need their money taken away from them.

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Even worse, they could be supporting honest hardworking prostitutes with that money! These cam whores are the scabs of the whore world.

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Honestly, you've gotta be one hell of a cuck to pay for that sort of thing without even getting any pussy out of it. It's one thing to fuck a whore, but to pay for a whore and just get a giggle, who's the fool now?

And as many other comments have pointed out, there's a difference between being forced to subsidize whores at the threat of being thrown in jail, and then voluntarily paying for whores (who don't even fuck).

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Reminder that a donation to anyone's Patreon is a donation to payment processors that would destroy you and your nation if they had their way.

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Well if I'm going to fund the destruction of my own country I might as well get something out of it. Giggles and titty wiggling ain't worth that, so at least OP has gotten some parts right.

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And usually that is a problem, coincidentally.

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So long as it wasn’t produced by, you know.

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People should choose not to give money to web cam girls, but it is a business, and there are people that are willing to pay for human interaction of this type.

You know that you wont ever do this, so don't worry about yourself. In the long run, you only need to worry about yourself.

As long as there is a stigma included with paying cam girls, just as there is a stigma with paying a prostitute for sex. If we make sure we continue our culture of making it known that this type of behavior is seen as degenerate, then only the desperate will go toward it, and the fairly average people and above will hopefully avoid it - (granting that life experiences take people in all directions for many reasons).

Make a meme and we will pass it around if we like it, about how paying cam girls is equivalent to welfare (of sorts). Truth is what makes memes be memes. Don't let your memes be dreams.

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There is literally no reality where you end up with this woman. Why would you throw money at her?

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I will only support your little sister with my purity.

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