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Old guys, remember when Porn was the only site no one wanted to host and it cost thousands to do so? Who would have thought it's conservative sites being shut down and porn is as free as birds flying.

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Jews.. jews would believe it.. i mean its what they are pushing for after all.

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What you do is hide your link in some little click in a porn site.... That or in some misspelling of another site, culture-jam it all.

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Maybe we should tell the porn sites that the feminists will be coming for them next once they take out the republicans and conservatives. They might lend a bit of help.

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wasnt this guy that got butthurt when someone put his name on kikes comics and then everyone started doing it ?

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Censorship is a funny thing. The more (((they))) try to silence opposing points of view, the more people gravitate to those opposing points of view. ZOG is a stupid creature. It hasn't learned anything in 5778 years.

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They've learned tons.

What they want is civil war & everything that's going on lately is designed to provoke the mentally sane right that isn't prone to chimping out.

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This is the real deal.. i think they are hoping they can get the kindling nice and dry.. import mudslimes, push gay a d pedo agenda, degrade whites at every oppritunity, show race mixing for whites etc etc and they hope it will blow up.. when it doesnt i think these things might happen to force it...

Kill trump

Tank the economy

Nuke a major city and blame muslims possibly in europe because thats where they have placed the most fighting age invaders

Any scenerios i left out? Maybe all out civil war in south africa with heavy white genocide

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I liken it to a descent into madness. The provocateurs would like to cause disorder to create opportunities for themselves to profit from. In an orderly society where the rules of the game are fundementally understood the margin of gain is substantially less than in one where the entirety of an opposing companies business can be stripped from them through a constitutionally legal process which in itself is a breach of the rule of law (or order). For example Elon Musk or that one chick who was running a taco joint on the west coast.

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This isn't a case of "if you fight them, they win." In it's most distilled form, this is a revolution (or terrorism, depending on which side of the fence you are) because we need to force this kind of censorship to be stopped. They won't stop on their own and it will only get worse until these (((companies))) are forced to realize that what they are doing is wrong.

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Which will result in another expulsion from a host nation that welcomed them in. The next one will be the 110th. The USSR... Russia was the 109th.

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Right. So much money to be made by hosting free speach, but (((they))) surely aren't controlling it.

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They've learned tons.

You act like they don't exist to profit off of conflict.

The (((lever pullers))) want you heavily polarized, even at the expense of some Jews.

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this is getting fucking ridiculous

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agreed - they're making it way too obvious, almost as if they're making it obvious on purpose. their delusions led them to believe their actions would be some kind of tide of agreement, but it's blowing up in their faces instead.

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Oi! shut it down

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WTF man. He pays for his own hosting.

Fortunately there are free speech hosts out there. Interestingly several are hosted in former Soviet satellite states, where people seem to appreciate the value of free speech since they know how bad it was when they didn't have it.

His registration is by domain.com and is paid through 2019-10-03. They probably have nothing to do with this.

His DNS record shows his web hosting is at, a server called cp25.machighway.com which is allocated to a web hosting company called Jumpline Inc in St Petersburg Florida. machighway.com is out of Pennsylvania. The relationship between Jumpline and MacHighway is not clear.

Back in 2016 Garrison's account was suspended and back then he said he was going to move it off of MacHighway. But it still is there.


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+1 for doing the leg work.

This is more concerning than Alex Jones:

1) Because Alex Jones already happened and this has more context.

But also 2) Garrison pays for his own site instead of using someone else's free service.

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3) He's just a fucking political cartoonist. Holy fucking fuck. This is some 1984 communist bullshit.

It's obvious now that they want the sane and rational people on the right to finally break, and break violently.

I won't partake in their Machiavellian evil, unless it's in self-defense.

I fear what someone else said, and that's if they remove Trump. I'll be damned though if I sit idly by as they pull another Lincoln or JFK. I'm not alone on that either. Millions of Americans on the right would violently lash out at any and all traitors left of center.

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Yeah, like you say. He's paying for web hosting. He's not posting on some site with some vague service terms that they can twist around. His web host probably has clauses that you can't use it to host certain forms of illegal content, such as kiddie pron and terrorist content. But it's not going to say we can shut you down and censor you based on the political content of the blog you are maintaining yourself on a server you're leasing from us.

That said, there's been several sites to date containing controversial - but not illegal - content that have been in violation of contract and been shut down without warning. The customers can sue for violation of contract but in the end you end up with huge legal bills and all they owe is a few bucks for the remainder of your service that was not delivered. What we need is legal reform. Laws need to be drafted that hosting providers are NOT allowed to censor site content when they are just leasing server space and the customer is hosting their own content and apps.

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Nice work goat. Thanks.

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Google must be made fun of and called out for the pussies they are.

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DOJ Bruce Ohr Spilling Everything and naming names, dates, places. Cutting a deal to save his beautiful wife, Nelly. Is admitting that they along with may others conspired to willfully lie to the FISA judges in order to spy on candidate Donald Trump and secretly subvert and impeach the President. This implicates conspirators with collusion with foreign nationals in the UK/AU including Russia intel assets tied to the Kremlin government. The upper echelon of the DOJ, FBI, CIA were in tandem working at the behest of the Obama's Administration in effort to tamper and meddle in the 2016 US Presidential election in favor of then democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Several US national news orgs and publication are implicated in the discloser today in Congress with laundering falsified allegations to bolster credibility for the renewals of the FISC applications.


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Cutting a deal to save his beautiful wife, Nelly.

his beautiful wife, Nelly.

his beautiful wife



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Imagine believing that Russia installed Trump as president and then reading your comment. Projection works. Painting the opposite of the truth primes the victim of the lie to disbelieve the truth reflexively. I'm a bit scared the population can have such mass delusion. How bad will things get when we start acting on the crimes that occurred? Can the law be enforced in secret to protect the left from their own hysteria?

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Seems to be back up, though loading extremely slow for me.

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Same here.

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Has Google ever heard of the Streisand Effect?

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They had but they deleted the knowledge because it offended a tranny.

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Google is becoming more Orwellian everyday. Can't wait to see the rise of alt tech.

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