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I've somehow been ultra banned from Twatter. I joined and started dropping red pills on Twats like The Root, talking about why the US sends billions to Israel while 60,000+ niggers in the US are homeless. Then I signed up to get Twats from Don and it said I was a Russian bot and needed a phone number (even though my IP was clearly from the United States). I tried as many fake number sites as possible but none would take. Then I tried signing up from other random IP's but still couldn't get any traction. Would love to have an account and drop red pills all day. Youtube is already full of actual red pill comments, I really want to use Twatter. Maybe someone here knows how to get into that Jew fortress.

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i have found that larping as a nigger(complete with nigger and democrat follows) helps from getting auto-banned, and then change all your shit around a week later

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Shiiieeet, we wuz israelite kangz

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I somehow haven't been banned from cuckbook yet. I drop red pills in every leftist news article I see and they eventually go silent. You see just how bad the Jewish hypnosis has brainwashed the weak minded. There's no tact, logic, or fact. Just emotional arguments and a lot of assumption that what MSM tells them is true. Link by link I illustrate leftist fallacy and I learned that cuckbook auto bans breitbart, archive, and most conservative news outlets to the point it won't even post. So, screenshot uploads it is.

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Are you sure you aren't shadowbanned? Maybe that's why they are silent?