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The full documentary is called "Empire of Dust" if anyone is interested.

The Chinese made a deal with the local government to mine out some of the many resources in the area in exchange for improving the infrastructure. I think they managed to buy some rocks that were completely different from what they needed.

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Here's a link for anyone interested


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They stand at the bar with a beer. and then they start shaking their behinds. Its wonderful.


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I think it's because they fundamentally view blacks as animals. It's a cultural difference- this was the case for many peoples throughout history, but modern PC culture has deemed that they are indeed humans, "just like us".

The Chinese don't buy that shit for a second. They correctly recognize them as barely housebroken animals.

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That look of shame and resentment. To those who are given everything he shall lose it all and more...to those who do everything they shall gain all and more.

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Notice how it only seems to last until the end of the scalding though. Wisdom passes straight through a nigger's brain like curry through an Indian.

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It's the yolo mentality...living 30 minutes at a time, driving as fast as you can see ...it is childish behavior, nothing exists past the current moment.

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Why do blacks have to build things if its not necessarily what they do? I am a believer of each to his own in his own respective sphere. Europeans never expected Africans to do much and they did not build too rigid of a social hierarchy in African societies on top of this. The main problem with some people is they expect certain peoples to be at the same level as them and critique them on a platform which does not apply to those other people.

Africans should not feel forced to secularize or Westernize or become progressive. Of course, this Chinese person is throwing out a non-sequitur. He is saying this legitimizes us conquering and dominating you. This was never how European acted. They just wanted to find ways to build up their bustling economies and maximize the wealth among their own populations. The British would partner with those managing and running the local economies in the colonial World.

The French would make trade agreements with certain tribes and give them some share in the political process at a very localized level. Colonialism was very empowering for blacks and other non-whites because not much was expected, besides for hard-labor and serving in European militaries when needed in the 20th century. It brought some civilizing aspects to them, which they never had known too. Proof of this is to be seen in how many post-colonial societies in Africa and South-Asia have had their economies collapse and genocides occur in their countries.

The fact that they have not been able to put the capital of the old colonial powers, political stability, and social development into good use is not exactly their fault entirely. Its like trying to tell a young child to stop crying after it has been spanked.

The Chinese are new colonizers and I bet they will prove to be as brutal as everyone makes colonial European powers out to be if not 100 times more brutal than anything that people has blamed European colonialism as being. That said, Africans seem to want this, especially in the Southern part of Africa, so I am not complaining.

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From wikipedia:

Confucianism 己所不欲,勿施於人。 "What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others." 子貢問曰:"有一言而可以終身行之者乎"?子曰:"其恕乎!己所不欲、勿施於人。" Zi gong (a disciple of Confucius) asked: "Is there any one word that could guide a person throughout life?" The Master replied: "How about 'shu' [reciprocity]: never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself?" --Confucius, Analects XV.24, tr. David Hinton (another translation is in the online Chinese Text Project)[45]

They know about the golden rule.

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The idea that you should love your enemy or practice the golden rule or any of the baggage from Christianity is completely absent from the Chinese mental model of reality.

This may be a major shortcoming. Game theory suggests that occasional forgiveness breaks you out of a trust deadlock and produces greater net productivity. Maximizing productivity is how you climb aboard the steepest possible exponential progress curve.

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I don't think Africa will prosper. If it did not prosper as a result of European colonialism it will never prosper. Perhaps, you are right about the rigid social hierarchy. Perhaps, that could change the equation and that is a very good point. The time of the Chinaman rises upon like the rising Sun, but we should treat it as a potential new Quasi-War, but attempt to make good of it and make good relations in certain contexts.

Of course, even though the silly cultural ideas about equality and charity are innate tendencies of Europeans, most people tend to forget the strong point of Europeans is they at least recognize the underlying mechanical and functional differences between themselves and other races(including Asians).

The main problem is we humans tend to live in the present and thus our attention to and emphasis on certain important things that are considered given and significant sometimes is weak and other things override it, especially in a technological and rational era. I think it will take a collapse of society and something irrational to move us and even then at that point we could just relegate ourselves to being doomed, which is exactly what the leftist multi-cultural ideology wants.

Its why spiritualizing/mystifying the situation(white greatness goes back for as long as humans have been around) and pragmatic concerns(preserving the fabric of society means keeping it white) are great aids in keeping out of indifference. The main anchor of a good and healthy system is a solid and stable government and especially a functional and organized/systematized bureaucracy and Africa will probably lack that forever. The Chinese won't prioritize that, although their presence might be more permanent in Africa, so perhaps after a period of time they will.

I guess if there is something to take away from this whole situation, we are more of a threat to ourselves than the Chinese could ever pose; they only take advantage of the damage we cause ourselves along with how the Zionist cabal fuels it and engineers it all.

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Lol no, there are already plenty of Chinese. They'll kill the niggers and replace them.

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"You neglected the things others had left you. What's more, you completely destroyed them."

That is so fucking true.

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This is pretty common among Chinese people and South Korean people. Seen many instances of this.

An old South Korean man I know were having a drink at a bar and a black person comes in. He says "Look at him." Then pointed to the door. I saw a black person come in and thos was before I realized how terrible black people are.

The Korean guy I was with turned and said loudly to the black guy "You are a nigger." The nigger was clearly stunned, but he didnt react violently.

They actually ended up having a lengthy and calm discussion regarding black people and throughout the conversation the Korean guy regularly referred to him as a nigger, directly to his face, much the same way the Chinese guy in this video did.

The nigger, having been defeated, finally turned to me and said "Do you know this guy?" to which I replied "yes. He is my friend."

There was a little more astonishment, but it didnt turn into a scene at all. He just left. It was a good day.

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In america you and your friend would be dead.

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It was in Hawaii where I was staying for a few years. White people and black people are minorities there and the rest are asian or Pacific islanders who like white people but hate black people.

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What kind of defeatist soy boy attitude is that?

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nigs gonna nig

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Empire of Dust. Great docu. Give it a watch


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