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Your evidence is horseshit. You cite a website whose sole purpose is to argue against pit bulls. Of course, they're going to present their data in the most prejudicial light they can. Yeah, let's cite the Daily Stormer for "statistics" about black people and crime.

Regardless, the numbers presented give zero context or proportion to the nationwide dog population. They say 29 dog bite fatalities involved pit bulls, but they say nothing about the total number of pit bulls owned. If you want to judge how potentially violent a breed is, you need to look at the population as a whole.

A quick Google search says there are an estimated 3 to 5 million pit bulls in the US. Going with the low number, 29 fatal dog bites involving pit bulls comes out to 0.00096% of the total pit bull population. Or you could say that, if you own a pit bull, you have a 0.00096% chance of being fatally attacked.

Do you know what your odds of being involved in a car crash are? About 1.3%, or around 1350 times greater than being killed by your pit bull. Are you going to argue for eliminating all cars from the road now?

Let's look at another breed on that same website: the giant schnauzer. I couldn't find any data or estimates about current numbers, so lets make an educated guess. Wikipedia says that in 2012, 94 new giant schnauzers were registered, down from 95 in 2011. Let's assume 95 dogs were registered every year from 2011 to 2018. That's eight years or 760 total dogs. Your website says one fatal dog attack involved a giant schnauzer, which would be 0.13% of that total estimated population. Your odds of being killed by your giant schnauzer are 135 times greater than the odds for a pit bull. Who wants to argue that giant schnauzers are a menace to society?

Confirmation bias is a real thing. You wanted something to support your prejudice, and you found it. Congratulations.

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The daily stormer is far more legitimate than that site

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As far as I know the dailystormer at least tries to represent reality, unlike that fail of a anti-pitbull site.

Seriously they're presenting 29 annual fatal bites out of millions of pitbulls as some shockingly high number.

Niggers in Chicago kill more in a weekend than pitbulls do over the entire USA all year round. Chicago niggers kill 750+ a year.

In fact Chicago has a population under 3 million, even if it was 100% black (it's not) niggers are at least 25 times more deadly than pitbulls.

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Hey buddy your fucking up the circle jerk. Kudos

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15x more people die from falling out of their beds while sleeping than die to pit bull bites, clearly it's time to ban assault beds.

Also more people are shot in a weekend in Chicago than pitbulls kill over an entire year nation wide.

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People like that faggot OP are afraid of their own shadow. He is no different than a liberal screaming at the NRA.