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Let's get all sjw about 29 pitbull deaths a year, cause that's fucking important in a population of billions... Sort of like trannies in the bathroom with your kids. Op is not "TheAmerican" as his title suggests. He is one of these sjw faggots that doesn't know when to leave well enough alone and I hope when the niggers come to kill the Americans he is one of the first.


[–] GasChamber 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Who loves pitbulls the most? Niggers. Your argument is flawed. It's white people who mostly think pit bulls can be good dogs, and it's mostly niggers that breed them specifically for fighting or otherwise violent purposes.


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Came here to say that. I've never seen an aggressive pit from a decent owner. Blacks mostly and some White's in the hood ruin their reputation. I ain't gonna blame a breed for being popular to bugs.