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Pits have to be dominated or they'll try to dominate the owner. Once they are under control they'll grow loyal if you feed them and care for their needs, mostly just food though. Also, dont be abusive to them. If they're mishandled they may form a festering anger issue.

Anyway, I've had a pit before and this model of raising a powerful dog works well.


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Good point. If a dog understands that every human is higher up the food chain, you wont have aggression issues. Pitbulls are more aggressive and physically stronger than most other breeds, so you really need an owner who's fit enough to flip one on its back into a canine submission if it gets out of line.

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Absolutely. That's just how dogs are. Dominating them doesn't mean they have to be harmed or anything. Just asserting enough force to show you're not a pushover and will always challenge them when they atrempt to dominate is usually enough to be their pack leader.