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Bad dogs are created by bad owners. This can be passed on through pups.

I think he means, that it's in the genes now because of years of being bread to be bad. even if a dog is 5 generations out from a dog niggers used to cage fight with, that pup now has something in his dna. the same way birds / turtles migrate instinctively, the animals get this memory passed down. so like I said even if a dog has never seen fighting, maybe his grandog did and its been passed down to him. So it's not necessarily the dog, the man made the dog an asshole. so who knows if the true essence of a pitbull is good or not, we don't really know because most lines have been corrupted. so at this point you could say, yeah pitbulls do attack more.

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True. I may have oversimplified my point just to get it across. Breeding for certain traits is something that all breeders do. In the case of Pits (and niggers/retards breeding them) aggression is prized, among other things. They aren't bred to fight so much as they are bred to be aggressive, which might make them a better fighter.


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Lamarckism (or Lamarckian inheritance) is the idea that an organism can pass on characteristics that it has acquired during its lifetime to its offspring (also known as heritability of acquired characteristics or soft inheritance).

  • im confused.


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