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I'm heavily involved in dog rescue. I've been working with "bully" breeds for years. When I see a potentially dangerous animal potentially going home with the wrong family I put a stop to it. Pits and mixes need a very particular set of circumstances to thrive.

One other thing. According to the linked site they were involved in 29 fatalities last year. That sounds like a lot (and it's 29 too many) but considering that several thousands of them are adopted yearly it isn't a fair presentation.

[–] dias17se 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

Historically speaking, where did pitbulls came from and what was their purpose ?

[–] the_hidden_metric 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Literally bred for fighting bulls in pits. They were created by breeding bulldogs and terriers and were selected for traits that made them suitable for blood sports like bull-bating and bear-baiting.

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They are a mix old Old English Bulldog, and Terrier. They are an American breed bred for GAMENESS, and animal aggressiveness. Not human aggressiveness. Game breed dog have a high drive to win. They where breed for dog fighting and bull baiting. Both professional sports in the 1700's. Pits that where human aggressive where put down, and are against the breed standard.

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They're originally bred from English bull dogs, which were used to bite tethered bulls for entertainment. They're actually a group of breeds, mostly Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Bullies, and American Staffordshire Terriers.

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Id use that number for the gun grabbing nut jobs.. seems like pitbulls killed more people then ar15s in school shootings??? Am i write or wrong

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The point is it doesn't matter what home they go to, they can and do turn on their owners. External factors don't matter it's in their nature. Of course statistically most pitbulls aren't going to kill their owners, but if you own one and have children or anyone you care about it's irresponsible and unnecessary risk.

[–] Rellik88 7 points 6 points (+13|-7) ago 

I have two pits and 4 kids.... Eat a DICK. I was raised around them. I have only been bit by a dog once! Its was a rottweiler. A dog breed to be human aggressive. Hence why they make great guard dogs, and pits don't.

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We typically don't place any strong breed with families that have small kids.

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Idiot fuck. You don't know shit.

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Let's get all sjw about 29 pitbull deaths a year, cause that's fucking important in a population of billions... Sort of like trannies in the bathroom with your kids. Op is not "TheAmerican" as his title suggests. He is one of these sjw faggots that doesn't know when to leave well enough alone and I hope when the niggers come to kill the Americans he is one of the first.

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Who loves pitbulls the most? Niggers. Your argument is flawed. It's white people who mostly think pit bulls can be good dogs, and it's mostly niggers that breed them specifically for fighting or otherwise violent purposes.