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You could start a sub on voat?

As far as resources, books on stage makeup tend to honestly discuss best make up practices by race. Sometimes you can find non-cucked ones from the 60s and 70s at public libraries.

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I was going to say, I found your problem. You are still using reddit. What the hell do you expect? Start a subverse here, enjoy normalcy.

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There you go!

Start the sub and never let crensch, kevdude or any of the other fucks that ruin subs in mod team, and you'll be just fine. Just know, if you let a dramareddit fag in, it will go to shit. They would likely try and infiltrate it with accounts posing as girls just to spite you.

Definitely start the sub though. It sure would help garner a more feminine appeal.

Fixed a little grammar

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I noticed today there's a v/askwomen, seems like an appropriate subverse. (There was a discussion about brushing hair, I was going to make a joke, thought better of it.)

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Thanks. I'll look into it. I don't need a Safe Space, but it's to the point where discussion about wearing makeup as a person with lighter than coffee-colored skin is impossible. I just want something less bad than this. I can't say, "I prefer x shade because it is flattering on light skin." or "x lipstick is too saturated and isn't flattering on me because I'm pale with light features" because then everyone stops the conversation to berate that person about being an elitist "pail princess".

White people are expected to revere any black or brown-focused business even if it's obviously unflattering on anyone who isn't into the Instagram (kinda slutty but in a mystery meat big-lips sort of way) style of makeup or isn't dark enough that the bright and highly pigmented colors look less extreme. Black people are pushed to the front and we have to take all their opinions as fact. Almay, a makeup company that you can buy at any drugstore, is hated because its shade range caters to white people. Therefore, no white woman is supposed to buy from it! I enjoy talking about makeup stuff but it gets so political and obnoxious. The only acceptable thing is to wear makeup that makes you look ugly on purpose "because you wear makeup to express yourself for yourself and not to look pretty for some man." They'd probably want to shoot me for ever saying that I enjoy wearing makeup and perfume that my boyfriend likes on me. It's ridiculous.

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Wow, A sign of our times I guess that even being a white person and wanting makeup to match is 'rayciss', I guess. That subverse isn't exclusively about beauty but looks like it has occasional discussions.

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Also consider https://voat.co/v/TraditionalWives as a place to ask questions. They like looking feminine, although it's not make-up focused.

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I've looked there before, but I don't think that I'm quite traditional enough for them. I mean, it's super awesome that they're deciding to do that with their lives, but I don't think that I'm quite on their level of traditional-ness. It's just a bit much for me. Like, their stuff reads like Mormonism without the bible. I wish there was something for normal white women who don't hate themselves, but aren't LARPing as women out of a 1950s ad for vaccuums.

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as a white woman there isnt anything more fulfilling or useful youll do with your life than having 3 white children, jus sayin

EDIT: I read some of your comments and I see you are new here. Pay attention to (((how and why))) whitness is attacked and for a reason. Its not going to get any better, its only a matter of a few decades before USA becomes BrazIl or S Africa.

I hope it inspires to you do something about makeup and other good advice for white girls. You could also try heathen women.

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As crazy as Mormonism is, I'm actually thinking about joining those wingnuts for the sole purpose of having some chance of finding a good woman, or two, or three...

"Normal white women" are destroying life on the planet with their unchecked psychopathic breeding instincts. Deep down, you know this, and this is why you hate yourselves.

You could learn a lot at TraditionalWives, like, to avoid starting sentences with "like".

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"Their stuff" is what allowed North America to flourish. If it weren't for white women raising proper families for generations until that lifestyle got attacked and ridiculed, you wouldn't even be here talking about makeup.

Women maintaining an orderly household & raising kids themselves (not by the government) is the foundation for strong societies. Without healthy family units, your society is bound to collapse and become degenerate.

Careers are meaningless, a loving family is the greatest thing in the world.

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Here's an easy trolling opportunity for you. They hate you anyway. Go full black face. Take a picture. Make a post saying that since you can't get any advice for being white, now that you're "black", you're ready to receive all of the advice in the world. The triggering would be extreme.

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Funny you say that. There is an anti-Trump makeup brand who did just that. As there is no appeasing a rabid mob, they were hated for quite some time for this.

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Informative post, thanks for sharing.

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Neoteny like that is on its way out along with feminism and 'empowered' women and a host of other things. More men I've talked to lately have rejected nice-bodied women over their makeup than almost any other reason.

They'll say things like, "I want to see what she'll look like when I wake up next to her, or right after a shower, or in a shower."

Air-brushed "perfect" models on magazines have desensitized men to efforts to make yourself look younger/prettier than you really are. They see the magazines, then they see the women walking around - they see the difference, and they don't like getting fooled. False-advertising of your wares is going out of style very quickly - at least for redpilled men. You could probably impress some beta soyboys with your makeup, but who would ever want that?

Almost every man I know would find some sweaty, makeup-less gym rat girl more attractive than anything walking around with a powder mask.

That aside, you can make a subverse here, but expect downvotes if you let your submissions show up on the main feed. It's entirely possible you can elbow your way in to where the users here give up downvoting you, but it'll take a lot of work and effort.

The only thing I can say for sure is your posts and comments won't get deleted here.

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I'll copy and paste this from another comment for you:

So you can't address any of my words on your own? Someone else has so speak for you?

Makeup is a totally modern invention.

Why did you link me to this? Did I say makeup was a modern invention? What words of mine does this link refute, specifically?

It's only women these days who ever cared about their looks.

Did I say anything remotely like that? Did I even mention what women care about? I think you need to read my words again.

As soon as a patriarchal ethnostate is reinstated, women will go right back to being barefaced.

Who said anything about that, and why do you think historical examples of neoteny somehow refute my words?

I'm going to be your best friend on this website for a brief moment here, but you won't like what I have to say:

This is Voat. Misrepresenting someone's arguments here will get you destroyed, quickly. Not having your shit together and being able to answer questions or criticisms or comments will get you destroyed.

I am not exaggerating - the users here are vicious and short-tempered when someone presents bullshit. They WILL hurt your feelings and destroy any reputation you've built up around your username if you start to push lies and dishonest arguments.

You cannot just fake your way through this place.

With that in mind, as you re-read my words, ask yourself whether I mentioned what males care about, or what females care about. I'll make it real, REAL easy on you:

Women use makeup to attract men. If men stop liking the makeup look, women will stop using makeup. What happened historically is meaningless because photoshopped models on magazines and professionally powdered models on porn sites make the rest of you look trashy in your makeup. The only advantage you women could possibly have, even now, is looking natural; and it's really only going to get worse.

What women want is completely and utterly irrelevant.

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Egg yolks on your face as a facial is supposed to be good for acne. No idea if it works or not, but it certainly isn't going to do you any harm.

Acne isn't caused by external applications anyway. I've also heard that a round of antibiotics can simmer it down. You'd have to look into that, and of course the dietary requirements to balance the antibiotic effect on your digestive system.

Cheap, inexpensive drug store make up has the same ingredients as the expensive stuff.

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Any info on what brands are owned by Jews?

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Chanel was a French designer brand for clothing and beauty items founded by Frenchwoman Coco Chanel in 1909. By WWII, she was massively successful, however, her (((investor))) was more in control of the perfume section of the business than she was. When the Nazis occupied France, her investor fled and she attempted to regain control of her business which continued to do well because she sold Nazi officers luxury items they could give to their wives. There is a lot written about how horrible she is for doing all that. She did not succeed in regaining full control of her business, and it became fully owned by the chosen people after her death.

Most beauty brands are owned by the brands that own everything else. Estee Lauder (a makeup company itself) is a parent company to a ton of other makeup companies. L'Oreal is another big name that owns a bunch of little names. Here is a pretty big list that shows how so many makeup brands are actually owned by one larger company. Some, like Burt's Bees, are owned by Clorox who also owns a ton of other stuff like household cleaning supplies.

Asian brands are getting more and more popular in the US. I personally prefer them because their makeup formulas are often high-quality, and the style of colors they produce are much more flattering and less obnoxiously loud. There are also a lot of budget-friendly options available from Asian brands.

Another thing that crops up more and more are small business makeup companies, referred to as Indie brands. These are not owned by larger corporations, and often have a focus on really niche categories like goth makeup, vegan makeup, all-natural and organic brands, historically accurate makeup (without any of the harmful stuff like lead powder or arsenic), and makeup with themed packaging for various fandoms like Harry Potter or Doctor Who. A lot of these brands are fantastic, but a lot of them are iffy because the women behind them (it usually is women) aren't necessarily trained in sanitary production practices and aren't regulated by the state, and if you choose the wrong brand or get the wrong batch of makeup, you may risk bacterial infection or other health problems. Additionally, the formulas of small business makeup are often less sophisticated and may perform poorly in comparison to manufactured makeup. Sometimes I like using things from small businesses that other women have already tried and gave good reviews, but I don't really have the money or time to search for a good one all on my own in the heavily saturated indie market.

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Thank you for the idea. I am not struggling with large amounts of acne, luckily. I get one or two individual blemishes a month that always fade within a week. Usually, it's not enough for me to need to cover it up.

For skincare, my focus is on sunscreen because skin cancer is a concern in my genes and also on ageing prevention, where a good sunscreen and gently washing and moisturizing daily is the cheapest and most effective approach. My interest in makeup is more of a vanity thing. I'll freely admit that. I don't have a ton of makeup and it's not flashy stuff, but I like taking time to get ready by putting on makeup and doing my hair most days. There's something so nice about putting on lipstick and blush and looking 1000% more pulled together for the rest of the day because you spent 5 minutes on yourself.

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That's reasonable. You probably don't need to discuss make up enough to need a forum anyway. About the lightest you're going to find is Ivory foundation. Watch the line of demarcation along the chin; if there is one, it doesn't necessarily mean the color is too dark, you may be using too much.

A light cheek color along the outside top of your cheekbones, not pink you need subtle smokies and if you're going natural, the same along the brow bone underneath the eyebrows. Everything else is optional from there. If you're pale keep the colors toned down otherwise it's a harsh contrast.

If you do want to make make up a topic of interest to yourself, you're better off reading up on the science of color for artists than taking advice from random schizoids on the internet.

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For skincare, my focus is on sunscreen because skin cancer is a concern i

Sunscreen is carcinogenic- the sun is not although the sun does and can cause skin damage. Learn the difference but STAY AWAY from sunscreen.

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My boyfriend convinced me before the last election. I voted Trump. It was easier to convince me because I had already turned away from feminism. I was raised a republican and eventually a libertarian, and the propaganda only got to me for a few short years until I was roommates with a nustso obese feminist who showed me what my life would look like in a few years if I continued down that path. That separated me from my friend group due to differences in values like how to treat men. I had a falling out with my best friend because she had multiple sadsack boyfriends at the same time and that pretty much cut me off from all female voices that reinforced feminism as an all-good, all-encompassing ideology that claimed it wanted men and women treated equally. The final nail in the coffin was when I saw a video from the 90s where feminists argued that men did not need domestic violence shelters. I had childhood friends who were boys that experienced domestic violence, and that video was absolutely horrible to me. Women are taught that every woman is a feminist unless they hate women. It's like a default. I was lucky to have a series of unlikely events happen in a chain that led me to disagree with the norm.

I really wish that more women could be brought away from feminism. It's kinda lonely. I can't talk with any of my old female friends. They're out getting drunk off their ass and bragging about how their cuckolded boyfriends participated in sportsball riots and talking about how bad white people are. Our interests are just too dissimilar now. I've been on voat and occasionally pol for years, but I usually try to act like a dude. It's easy, actually. I just delete all the words in a sentence which soften it. (ex: "I'm sorry, but I think that you are wrong on that point." = "You're wrong. Go read xyz.")

edit for clarification

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I’m lonely too. My husband and I don’t have any geographically close friends who settled down, and I had a falling out with female college friends over this stuff.

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