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I hope to coil a turd on his grave one day.

Why don't we make a tour of traitors that you can drive around and shit on their graves? He can be one of the stops. Hill Dog and Obama too.

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Hillary is not going much further without fresh infant blood.

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That bitch needs a stake through the heart.

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I am more than willing for the tour de shit

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tour de shit

Tour de traitor et feces

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That's honestly so good I'm giddy and full of freedom just thinking on it. Gofundme? Is it legal? I'll keep my face out of it. Make an anon tour capturing video of me cutting shit ropes on Oba....ah wait. Clinton and Obama are still alive.

Damn I was excited, actually. Could have been a lot of fun shitting on our worst enemies graves. At least McCain is one traitor that can be shat on now.

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Just keep that idea in your pocket for later.

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Songbird traitor faggot

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The warmonger shoulda died in Hanoi, but he sang like a bird to his captors

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McCain just needed another 'N' in his name to connect his lifelong dots with the nefarious shit network he grew his cancer on.

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John McCain and ISIS = crimes against humanity - civilian torture and systematic murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide, deliberate use of chemical weapons on civilian populations, warmongering in an attempt to start WWIII, arming and training America's enemies - physical crimes of the most barbaric ever known and recorded, broadcast online globally for the entire world to see. Treason was only the tip of the iceberg, he personally endangered the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet, and enabled the taking of a good many of them.

I am surprised the military didn't shoot him years ago.

I intend to celebrate this death.

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On top of all of the heinous shit you listed, he is also a moral and physical coward who aided our enemy during the Vietnam War. Bastard gave them important info about flight paths and altitudes and formations we used, and then the next year we lose 68% more planes- all because this traitor bastard wanted to go to a hospital after being captured.

I have tons of sympathy for POWs. But they have a duty to resist torture. The ones that die or don't talk have eternal respect and gratitude, as they are the noblest among us to fight through such circumstances.

But McCain, the golden child of a highly respected and accomplished military family, was so used to special treatment that he demanded a fucking trip to a hospital from the fucking Viet Cong. And then he got special treatment for giving valuable military info to the enemy. This man deserved a rope or a firing squad.

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What a steaming heaping pile of fucking-glad-that-neocon-clown-is-dead.

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You are right fucking spot on, drink one for me. Cause I am cheering you at a bar right now, cheers!

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When you say isis, do you mean isis or {{{isis}}}?

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Okay, so now how about RBG following suit?

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the world is slightly better than it was yesterday

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