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Called a monster by (((whom)))? Who cares what kikes and their useful idiots have to say. Start the war or stfu.

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I'd be proud to come from the people who discovered bacteria and viruses and all of modern medicine is founded in the work of such people. This has led to the reality that the majority of all people who currently exist in the world are here because of such advancements by European people.

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too bad you yourself are probably just some basement dwelling faggot

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First day (((shlomo)))?

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I'm proud to be Asian said the Chinese man, I'm proud to be black says the black man, I'm proud to be white says the racist.

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Great comment, but you forgot the "be" before asian.

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He didn't want to confuse his father.

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I along with my wife had the misfortune or walking into a queer 'pride' parade. Honest to God we didn't know this charade of human depravity was taking place. My wife was kind of cool about it where as I was like 'lets get the fuck out of here'

Okay faggots queering out and normal people dumb enough to cheer them on but some of the degenerates were wearing leather chaps with the assholes cut out of them, Seriously? mums with kids had to navigate past those sickos, I have my wife by the hand and pulling her along away from the degenerates. Lets celebrate anal sex! lets shut down the city centre so we can all celebrate the joys of sticking cocks up asses. Lets have a national day of buggery or sodomy.

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Let's give niggers some days to be themselves in the streets (NO DAMAGE) a few times a year? Or just stamp them out?

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I don't give a flying fuck what any culture or race does as long as they pay for it themselves and we the natives don't have to suffer inconveniences. Pakis faggots nigs chinks they must have missed the town meeting where law abiding native tax payers weren't asked for their input. Every fuckin year, Nelson Mandela day Chinese new year queer 'pride' Indian Mela. At least the Chinks nigs and Indians keep it low key the fuckin queers take over the whole town and leave the place in a right mess, mad idea pick up your AIDS infested condoms after yourselves!

I really hate faggots, I don't mind a bit of cultural diversity within reason because they can always fuck off back home where they belong but selective debauchery is not acceptable.

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They think Beethoven was a Kang.

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Beethoven was most certainly not a Kang.

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You'll never be called a monster. You would be called a racist, sexist, bigot. Likely in that order and always out of context.

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I've hit the point where I consider it a badge of honor to be labeled as such.

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White pride should be a thing because they are the least in numbers in terms of global population. But these useful idiots have been told that this is a racist and supremacist contradictory statement.

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Wow, he articulated his position very well.

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