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Feminism is worse than cancer.

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He is suing the girl yet?

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Where is the part about the feminist? I don't see it

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It is not stated explicitly, but it is a reasonable assumption that a left-wing organization would be feminist. From the linked article:

The Grand Rapids Police Department and Kent County Prosecutors Office discovered the children made the story up after the local Children's Advocacy Center followed up with the children through a series of interviews about the alleged crime, the news station reports.

So it looks like social workers at the Children's Advocacy Center drew the story out from the children using leading questions. The two boys had every reason to want to deflect blame because they were the perpetrators. Not sure why the girl went along unless she was pressured by adults in the Center. David Dean was an easy target for blame because he is already a convicted pedophile:

Newschannel 3 has learned Dean is a registered sex offender, convicted of sex crimes against a child in 1997.


They also accused Dean of using racial slurs because the children are apparently black and he is white, so it can join the list of fake hate crimes. Dean is hardly an innocent man, being a convicted pedophile, but he is innocent of this.

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Feminism will be the first thing sacrificed on the altar of revolution. The only women who aren't going to end up raped and given to some man after the war will be the trad wives.