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SEE em coming a mile away. They are always here. We know who they are. They ALWAYS give themselves away... they can't help it. Like I always say to them when I run into one , ' you are obvious ' .

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Who the hell nose.

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MaryLou Danley is an FBI/CIA agent like Strozk. And now because we know... Shit is about to go down.

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for those wondering what this is about, the internet is buzzing with this right now. MaryLou Danley was the girlfriend of the las vegas shooter, and its surfaced from some old credit application documents that she supposedly was employed by the FBI, at some point


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I'll support Israel if all jews move there. Same for Palestine. Morally that is, not financially.


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There's a running meme that some false flag is in the works for September.

Could be related?

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Well with them breaking out (((Cohen))), (((Pecker))) and (((Weisselberg))) to try to triple-team Trump they will probably need a false flag if they can't stir up enough shit with this immunity trio. I'm quite confident they will kill some innocent people again to distract us from putting more dots together. The parasite eventually kills the host if not eradicated.

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This is a spiritual fight as much as it is physical. I hope you all have your prayer armor on.

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November 9th

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Michael Moore has a piece of paper in his film with this date.

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Most of the shill accounts are ShareBlue paid for new accounts for november. (((They))) are behind ShareBlue... but the actual typists are not necessarily jews, but they are underemployed leftists.

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I got scammed out of 2 bitcoins just looking at that nose!

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holy crap is this real?

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Pedophiles is all they are

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They are discussing it in AnonTalk. They "called me out" as a muslim apologist as well as other age-old accounts here. They noticed my anti-Jew posts but ignore my anti-muslim ones.

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