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I don't believe you mostly due to the fact that you covered up the original words on that picture with your own words

That being said there way too many Muslims in Minnesota and most of them are from Africa and in this image there are no African Muslims.

Also the walls in this image recovered in Arabic text which means it's obviously not in America.

If you research that image you'll see it was actually taken in December of 2008.

You're a filthy lying kike and you should be hanged with the rest of them.

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Great job outingthe fuckstic in posting bullshit crap.

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You're a greasy faggot posting fake shit: https://tineye.com/search/6cc50956ec285fb8a1b1eec19badb60380efd13a/

Why? It's shitty enough in parts of Minnesota. Post real things. What in the everlasting fuck are you looking to gain by parading around life like a cockgobbling queen?

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That picture is fake news; Eid al-adha was at the US Bank stadium, a football field. There's many real Muslim/Somali caused problems in Minnesota, post those. Fake news makes Voat look even worse.

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Fake or not, why do muslims kill animals?

In the hebrew/jew/christian religion, the blood of the animals represented the blood of the Messiah that would come.

Does islam have a "messiah" that was going to come and shed his blood for the sins of the world?

If not, why in the world are they killing animals?

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It doesn't help that giant text is covering potentially important context, such as location.