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Back in the good old days a lynch mob would have handled these groids in short order

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Those comments are great.

But 'ya annuh... it be society's fault... it made us be's hungry yo?


These criminals will get to see their fathers in prison. Happy reunions.


The Black experiment has failed. Not because of white culture, or white privilege, or white racism. The fundamental problem is that the American black culture has evolved into an un-fixable and crime ridden mess. They do not want to change their culture or society, and expect others to tolerate their violence and amoral behavior. They have become socially incompatible with other races by their own design, not because of the racism of others but by their own hatred of non-blacks.

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Feral animals. Put them down.
Edit: Have them tested for rabies. Make al sharpton trot around and say "that's racist, It's just their culture"

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So.... What are you in for? 1/3 of a pepperoni pie?

This is what a life is worth NOW, just wait until they crash the dollar.

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This is why take-out restaurants should not cater to nigger neighborhoods.

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Sadly, nigger neighborhoods are usually good fast food customers. They are so ignorant they can't cook, and they have limited access to grocery stores, so they eat fast food.

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I think fast food should be illegal.

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This looks like a three-panel illustration on how you use photoshop to turn a nigger into another nigger.

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Just like us

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Can you imagine the inner workings of a mind that is willing to kill for a pizza. That is more animal than man. I hope there is a hell so these animals have a place to burn.

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