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That's expensive. All we have to do is walk away, they'll die without our help.

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The expense is worth lower numbers sooner. Since their governments keep poor statistics as we check again we see population projections are even higher . Unless Libya stabilizes and has a leader willing to hold them back, we must give them long-term birth control and sterilize the especially violent and stupid (yes that's a lot, but that's a lot that won't make their part of the world and ours worse.)

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No, if we stop the aide, they'll fight each other, which is a good thing. It would be far cheaper to just drop MOABs on their villages after announcing aide distribution locations than trying to enforce birth control. How do you make them take birth control every day? The only real way to enforce that is through surgery, and that's massively expensive on this type of scale. The cheapest and easiest thing to do is to cut the government aide off and return those trying to claim refugee status instead of letting them stay in the country they ended up in.

My best guess is it could take about 10-15 years for their population problem to sort itself out through disease, war and starvation.