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I read that as AIDS to Africa, I was like 'what for? they got plenty already.'

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I mean... they are getting fucked over. If you don't think Jews are not plundering that place of its natural resources and setting them against one another. You are fucking sheltered.

Debeers alone has manipulated the fuck out of that continent.

We don't gotta help them. In fact we can't. But make no mistake we could stop fucking em. And they may indeed improve.

Will they achieve western levels of society? Who knows? probably not. But at some point they may catch up.

You don't gotta help the homeless ok? But ya can't steal his fucking tent either. Get what im saying?

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It's not (((we))) who are doing it. You should know by know that just because they look white, that they consider themselves special and chosen and actually not white. Inb4: diamonds are a goys best friend

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Will they achieve western levels of society? Who knows? probably not.

Of course they could.

They just have to stop feeding their low IQ people, make them starve off by the tens of millions BEFORE THEY PROCREATE, and make the high IQ people outbreed the low IQ ones.

And "before they procreate" means while they are children. You have to selectively starve the low-IQ children, tens of millions of them, before they reach puberty and procreate.

WIthin a few generations you could selectively breed a smart nigger, who would be capable of maintaining a functioning civilisation as easily as whites and asians can.

During the time they fucked neanderthals, whites didnt have a civilisation either. They were just as dumb as niggers are today. They only got a civilisation once natural selection increased the white average IQ by killing off the low IQ ones during harsh winters.

It all depends on the average IQ.

Whites got their IQ increased by natural selection. Niggers didnt experience a similar selective pressure, because they dont have winters to kill off all those who werent smart enough to prepare for a 6 month winter, so they stayed dumb.

In an environment without natural selection, you could still have artificial selection. Just stop fucking feeding them and helping them. And if you absolutely have to help them, limit your help to 120+ IQ, and make them fuck as soon as they reach puberty.

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There are places in Africa untouched by the modern world. Liberia was never colonized or plundered yet they still live like savages. It's a huge continent with lots of natural resources and they had thousands of years to improve. The plundering you talk about only happened in the last few hundred years. They weren't on their way to industrialization.

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Bingo! Same goes for the drug war in the states.

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Living in mud huts with not even a wheel in sight. And we are supposed to do exactly what with these idiots? These are the same morons that think taking a productive farm and giving it to niggers to plunder is a good idea. They'll destroy whatever you give them and want more………….they deserve nothing but starvation, and we get the pleasure of ridding the world of millions of nigger in the process. Nope…….not one bit of help.

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Niggers have extremely high self-worth and zero actual worth. It's a tragic combination.

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They will generally believe that owning a pair of Jordans or a used Benz that was repossessed from some other nigger actually makes them valuable.

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The last step is missing: Gas them all.

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Is it ok to donate money to have them gassed, or is it better to volunteer

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Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Middle Eastern knowledge spread to the rest of Europe, Asia and North Africa from there. From what I remember of history, the Nubians couldn't be reasoned with and they pretty much didn't fuck with them. Worse yet, none of them ever seemed to take the knowledge from their societies and bring it back to Subsaharan Africa.

Which is kind of sad, but from dealing with black people today, I can kind of see why they are hopeless. You can try to explain things in as basic terms as possible, but they still act like you're the dumbest person in the room and refuse to take you seriously. It's sad.

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I understand that is the narrative, however, given what I actually observe, I believe the narrative is make believe.

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The path to enlightenment in four easy steps.

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Having actually been to Africa, I can say that what people seemed to appreciate even more than money which led mostly to jealousy was the music on my iTunes.

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Africa's exponential growing population is directly caused by all the foreign aid Africans get from Western countries. Much of the foreign aid doesn't even go to common people. It gets taken by the government and given to the oligarchs. A shipment of food comes in. Oligarchs will sell the food and sit on the cash. Then go buy a mansion in Europe to live in.

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