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And you would be bringing in farmers and other hard workers. Instead of more welfare check bums.

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Correct sir. Net positive on system in short time. Speaks English, is fucking white, works for a living...ah and also (I FUCKING HOPE AT THIS POINT!!') 'awake' about the groids.

Political (even if just by optics of their exhile in our county), Societal, and genetic allies these Boer would be.

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Enough of the blacks!


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You should check out Siener Van Rensburg. He is a Boer prophet that predicted all of this as well as how we are going to get our ethnostate out of this.

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Why not? Because Trump said he was Israel's greatest ally and jews brought SA to its knees.

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They gave up rhodesia and went to SA.

What did they expect to happen next?

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You're too kind.

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Whites have their flaws also.