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It doesn't matter what color you are, you can still be a fucking nigger

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Go spend time in the south, there are many flavors of Southerners...hillbillies, rednecks, hill folk, good ol boys, white trash(not just southern), farmers, ranchers...etc. hood is hood, no matter where you go.

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I've spent an immense amount of time in the south and all of the lower 48 as a matter of fact. You're basically saying, "but it's not all black people". It's the vast majority. We'll never have a respectable pro-white movement with a bunch of methed out hicks who touch their kids.

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Yes Cathy Newman, what I am saying is not every white person in the south is a meth head or into incest.

It's simple, people need to be bent into shape to function properly in society...but our laws and culture have shifted to "do what you want"...and the nanny state (tax dollars) will have your back.

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Niggers come in all colors and southerners are unarguably white niggers. I can't tell the difference between the deep south where it's poor and the projects.

Your opening statement contradicts itself.