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Why? Because Manafort got busted for tax shit long before he worked for him?

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Manafort's verdict just adds to the slander, which is apparently powerful enough to keep a federal investigation going full steam ahead.

I'm referring more to Cohen confessing that Donald Trump asked him to commit crimes when paying off bimbos.

None of this stuff has anything to do with the 2016 election and apparently it doesn't need to because this cartoon marches on:

Will he be impeached?

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No, but it is something Congress will hold over him as leverage to get their way on certain things. That's what this Mueller crap has always been about.

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They were trying to trick him into impeding the investigation. This would be an impeachable offense. In the meantime they have harassed his associates and supporters to undermine him and attempt to force his hand.

Shady shit really.

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Cohen is going to say almost anything Mueller tells him to...it's going to get pretty ugly. Uglier than it is now....

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If they impeach him many of us will conclude that the ballot box doesn't work. And jury box and soap box are long gone. Only one box left.

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Bullet box?

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Naah its the same old tired bullshit the mentally ill have tried a thousand times before. Fake news is trying to give them hope also while spreading FUD. HELL NO

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Don't listen to the jewish lies. I don't even know what you're talking about regarding Cohen/Manafort. And you know what? Whatever they're talking about will turn out to be lies and blow over.

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Nixon was taken down in a similar fashion.

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I rarely thumb down, but your response is such a faggoty, 'yay go team', response I had to.

Do you really think this shit is that black and white?: "Trump is the god emperor , and everyone else is lying" is such a lazy and childish response, something I would expect from a leftist pussy who needs to be coddled

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Everything they've said has been lies for 2 years straight. If you don't see a pattern you're blind. They did this to themselves. They killed their own credibility.

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I think if you are an objective, thinking person, who wants only the truth, you have to look at the Cohen indictment in particular, and be concerned.

If Cohen, who has been trump's personal attorney for a long time , is willing to plea , we definitely have a problem.

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I don't care whichway the hive voats on this comment and never will...

I have to confess to you -wether you're a shill or patriot- that this whole thing with (((COHEN))) tells me Trump can be a remarkably foolish man, having kept this worthless little kike of no demonstrable moral character an inch from his chest for so many years.

And then to compound the meatheadedness, I read that the President used him as the butt of jokes like no other in his circle. Truly careless. He trusted him with his dirtiest, most salacious secrets and simultaneously made him feel like he was a disposable buffoon (and he is).

Trump's ego is clearly so ravenous, it fed on the pleasure of treating his fixer like a piss-ant, ignoring the obvious as fuck fact that Cohen could be his worst nightmare if he stopped kissing Trump's ring.

Just like you don't shit where you eat.....you don't eat where you shit, but Donald Trump threw that thinking out the window and decided to eat his own coiled pile of shit, treating his secret keeper like the dumbest rube in everyroom they shared.

Fuckin idiot.

....If he survives this Nixonian takedown, yes, I'll be voting for the President again. I still support him with every fiber, and might even sheepishly tell you I have an emotional bond to this Epic of which he is the hero, but I'm very surprised and dismayed that he would be this clumsy. If i was actually one of Trump's true friends, and this took down his presidency, I'd tell him that he shot his own foot.

Apparently Roger Stone told him for years that he shouldn't pick on Cohen for the exact reason of what is transpiring.

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He trusted him with his dirtiest, most salacious secrets

Citation needed.

Trump is disgusting but he knows PR, as long he doesn't lose political support nothing will stop him and impeachment is not even realistic.

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The news cycle moves fast, there's always something else that will be a big deal in a few days.

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The illegal campaign contribution charges, which are the ones that could effect Trump, sound sketchy to me. They're saying that Cohen, Trumps private attorney, not a campaign attorney, making payments to Stormy Daniels and the playboy chick are illegal campaign contributions because the act of keeping the information of alleged affairs quiet benfitted candidate Trump. The contribution isn't of money, but of action. So far they are not saying that Trump payed him back with campaign money.

By this logic any newspaper that didn't print an allegation about any candidate could be accused of the same.