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It's also worth pointing out that the growth of both Proton/VPN and DDG can be attributed to very successful astroturfing campaigns. Very little conventional marketing was used - it was mainly shills sitting on imageboards/forums/social media that would respond to "are there any good VPNs/Emails/Search engines?" with "Idk, but my buddy has NordVPN/ProtonMail/DDG and he says its pretty good". After some time, an artificial reputation is built that is indistinguishable from companies actually having a good reputation.

In other words, don't ask questions like these - they are flawed in a way that makes it impossible for you to tell whether or not you are getting genuine information back, especially considering astroturfing shills specifically target questions like this. The only way is to do the research yourself (or at least parts of it).

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this was the single biggest red flag - ALWAYS pay attention to this. if it's a household name, chances are it's crap.

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son of a bitch

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that's what I'm saying. what's the alternatives then? I moved all my Jewmail to Proton.

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There is no way to know one way or the other, could be just as likely op is trying to dissuade you from using these services because they're a jew that wants to confuse you. They don't know anything about it same as you or me.

The email is encrypted, they were struggling for a while with a bug that would encrypt it twice. So that the message that was sent and decrypted was gobbeldygook. If they're going through that much trouble just to collect data for the Lithuanian government then they earned it.

At least your email isn't being outright read by google anymore, analysed, and catalogued so that they can build an AI assisted human profile of you.

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Any email service, where you don't encrypt the email before it leaves your computer is a honey pot.

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AFAIK their IMAP "bridge" still blocks emails that are PGP-encrypted by you ie. you can only use their voodoo javascript crypto to send encrypted messages with their generated key.

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Conspiracy hat: this is an astroturfing post used to discredit secure services

Conspiracy aside, looks pretty legit that they are both compromised. Also, always wondered whether or not it’d be better to just use the big tech services and attempt to be lost in the web of traffic using coded language and such.

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it's important to always consider astroturfing but the answer is revealed by the evidence. In the case of both DDG and ProtonMail there is real evidence connecting them to shady operators. The biggest piece of evidence is of course media attention and resources. Both managed to get major media press and both managed to handle huge growth without a hick-up. They were established as "brands" intentionally by people who had access to media hype and access to resources to backstop their technical operations.

No mail service you're not paying for is secure.

For internet searches, there are a number of options. My recommendation is to spread out your searches across them all. You don't really care that they know someone, even you, once searched for "Hitler did nothing wrong." What you care about is that they know you searched that as well as other unrelated interests that allow them to figure out what topics people with certain political views are also interested in.

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Conspiracy hat: this is an astroturfing post used to discredit secure services

Well, this is why I advocate you do your research. Astroturfing only works if your recipients only plan to skim the surface.

Also, always wondered whether or not it’d be better to just use the big tech services and attempt to be lost in the web of traffic

IMO, blending in assumes that they expend equal resources monitoring each person, which can only be true if you can enforce anonymity. If you can, as Google/Facebook has, make everyone use their 'Real Name' online, then you can profile-build and triage them, and watch only the 'maybes' intensely for key words or key phrases. Look into an AI natural language concept called 'Sentiment Analysis', it is this triage I speak of, by a different name.

There isn't any way out except widespread forced anonymity.

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That'd mean war...

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might be better to use competing country's email service that would never let the cia spy on it.

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To be honest, if you wanted to beat the snooping agencies, why don’t people just communicate in an online moba game or something in a coded language?

Runescape always comes to mind that it would be easy to do. VPN your connection to the game and yea?

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Thanks. They said ProtonMail was a serious company run by Swiss scientists. They can be sued for false advertising.

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They can be sued for false advertising.

How? According to Wikipedia, only the UK, US, Australia, and NZ have laws forbidding deceptive advertising. The only reason Google is about to go down over lying about location tracking is because they are headquartered here. Usually these guys run with impunity.

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You may be right, but I could also see this as a blackpill campaign. The original article, posted on vpnscam http://vpnscam.com is detailed. However, the website only has a total of 6 articles all targeting the vpns that people frequently own.

Easiest idea; some one proxy an email address from a .gov email, contact tesonet, and see if they'd be willing to sell you access to their data. If they are, then there's a problem. If they aren't, then there isn't. This creation of political uncertainty can serve our enemies ends.

This feels like a 10 xanatos pileup.

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I might forward this thread to the staff and see if I get a response. Just to see if they come back with anything substantial.

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Thanks buddy

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Cheers pal.

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