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Lol, well if this is all true, I'd say it worked itself out

[–] Alhambra 1 points 28 points (+29|-1) ago 

i wouldn't call letting white women be brainwashed to death "worked out".

this is why any plan to 'save the West' which doesn't include reclaiming mainstream media and education is doomed to failure.

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Better her than a white woman that hates aliens.

Many more will have to die to clean the rotten blood, she would have probably pooped nigglets had she a chance, fuck her

Also you are 100% right.

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She looked part asian

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Can't I just vote every 4 years and bitch about the problem in between?

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highjacking top comment but the school actually replied with this LOL: http://www.kwwl.com/story/38933447/2018/08/21/aclu-of-iowa-issues-statement-on-death-of-mollie-tibbetts

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With an archive for everyone living in the People's Republic of Europistan: https://archive.is/TZLZV

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Mollie Gibbets mother is a psychologist from San Francisco.

Of course Mollie announced she hated white people and was murdered by a criminal alien. As if it was written in the stars.

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so high likelihood that her mother was jewish. i feel a lot better now.

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Oh that's even better. Now the liberal mother can deal with her emotional conundrum.

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Some people exist solely as an example to others on how not to live.

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She could have gone on a bicycle trip through the middle east to show we're all the same but instead saved a lot of time by doing one little tweet. God bless you Mollie. You've brought us all a lot of mirth.

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She sacraficed herself to be reborn as the ultimate red pill. Toll paid.

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Can you link actual or archived tweet?

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Those comments are gold. I hope her parents are reading them

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I felt really bad for her. Now I am cracking up. I still feel bad for her family, though.

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look at those self-haters loving the fact that one hates somehting they hate wtf it makes total sense /s

wait if one can't feel pride for one's race then why feel shame for it?


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Found and archived.

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If only she had lived to learn from her stupidity.

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I suspect she wouldnt have learned, ive seen this pattern on rape victims, they would blame white people for opressing aliens or something, and wouldnt feel bad at the guy that killed her.

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Like in Sweden, she probably wouldn't even want the guy deported, thus she would likely have not even reported the incident to the police.

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it will be interesting to see what her family says about this.

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There's no fixing that, one dip of the dick and her DNA is modified forever.

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Word for word. That was the same thing i said.

I like you b mister 13.

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unfortunately some of them don't even learn if they survive. look up Amanda Kijera.

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She probably had an orgasm while she died at the unwashed hands of an illegal immigrant.

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the ultimate virtue-signal

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And just like that, all my fucks were gone.

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