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Remember when dad's used to throw their faggot sons out of the house? This is some full circle type hilarious shit.

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Have you seen Sam Hyde's video to his hypothetical future gay son? Fucking hilarious.


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"YER WHAT? I didn't raise no FFFff-Homo..."

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Its probably some kinda epigenetic trait that skipped a generation lol

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How much of a cuck do you have to be to be manhandled and shamed by your minor son

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The son becoming extremely religious is probably a symptom, a defense mechanism, in the face of cuck dad syndrome

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Well postulated.

This is sure sign that his father is flamboyantly weak and devoid of moral character.

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Kids are naturally woke. That is why (((education))) is necessary.

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Lmao from that thread



Do you know anything about his church? Whether these views are preached or if this is your son going down a radical path?

If it's the latter, I would start by contacting his pastor (or whoever is top dog at a church, I'm jewish and don't know how this stuff works).

If his church is the source of his views, I would suggest seeing if you can find a more liberal church in your area, and see if you can get some advice from them.

Of course the filthy heeb has to get it's nose in there somehow

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The nose is probably so big, the kike doesn't have any other option.

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The kid told the cuck to get out, holy shit the absolute brass balls. From the thread im convinced that calling the guy a cuck isnt even hyperbole but mere fact. No way does a kid with that kind of high T come from a bitch that whines about getting kinkshamed on reddit.

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Yup, no way that they are genetically linked.

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Its been a few days since then, he won't even look at me. My wife has been crying nonstop since that night, saying that he is a monster

Hahahaha. Dumb fucking liberals. What mother calls her child a monster?

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A mother that married a faggot.

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My mom used to call me a spawn of Satan and autistic.

Shit drove me mad and she's forgotten she used to say things like that to me now. She wonders why I've never said I love her and am not fond of her.

Don't be mean to your kids, they don't forget stuff like that. There are some lines you just don't cross.

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Lol what a faggot. Start locking your door when you sleep kid, your dad might try to suck your dick in your sleep

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He's not wrong.

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The dad is sexually attracted to his "religious" son. The poor child got raped once too often and needs a good excuse.

I can't believe we are already at the stage of cock blocked fathers and this is an acceptable observations.

A sick world we live in.

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