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Ok, my problem with this line of thinking is that you can use the exact same logic to support radical feminist "kill all men" arguments. They say that problems exists within the male demographic that are so widespread and pervasive that even if you don't explicitly participate in the actions that create those problems, you are necessarily complicit for not speaking up or trying to solve the problem. I am not a misogynist, oppressor, etc., I am not the ones who commit offenses, nor am I to blame for anything other than my own actions. The collectivist guilt that radical feminists try to push on people is a fallacy, and that applies no matter what names and labels you substitute in there.

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you can use the exact same logic to support radical feminist "kill all men" arguments

Except that feminists are full of it.

They say

Leftists say a lot of stupid shit. Smart people learn to ignore the crap coming out of their mouths.

and that applies no matter what names and labels you substitute in there

No, it doesn't, you disingenuous fuckwit. Feminists are one of the primary proofs that Jews need to be exterminated.

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Right, they are full of it, and they do say a lot of stupid shit. We both recognize that.

Of course this applies to different labels. If I say "90% of rapes are committed by men, therefore all men are evil", then that's a stupid argument and fallacious reasoning. If I say "black people comprise 13% of the population but commit 50% of all crime, therefore all black people are criminals and we should treat them as such", then that's flat out wrong despite statistics backing up the first part of the claim - you can find upstanding black people who would never hurt a fly. If I say "Jews lie and engage in cultural nepotism and promote Marxism at a significantly disproportionate rate compared to other races, therefore they're all scum", then that's also wrong and commits the same fallacy. My point is that saying anything along the lines of "group X has a higher incidence of negative behavior Y and that means that the entire group ought to be blamed for the actions of a subset of the group" is fallacious, and people can use that exact same logic against you and whatever group you might be a part of.

Demographic measurements are a one-way function: you can compute a number based on the input of a large number of people, but you can't take the result and use it to find the original value of any specific piece of data before the computation.

Also, I'm not going to argue the merits of the Jews or defend them as a whole either. There are definitely bad ones, just like there are in every group to various extents, and bad individuals ought to be condemned and opposed with every appropriate measure. So blame the Jew who wants to destroy western civilization and works towards that end. Blame the Jew who promotes communism and degeneracy. Blame the white man, and the feminist, and the Mexican, and the Asian, and whoever else does those things too, but blame the specific individuals - it isn't fair to paint them all with such a broad brush.