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While the hivemind downvotes you to oblivion, I'd just like to point out that the most compelling arguments so far in this thread have been "How else do you explain ______?" and "It should be obvious you JIDF faggot nigger etc."


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Here is a reply explaining that the "high IQ" explanation is insufficient to explain the jewish over-representation in media, banking, government, and education, thus showing that the "explanation over-representation" arguments are compelling.

Here is a reply stating that the simple observable trend of jews shilling anti-white narratives is sufficient reason for skepticism where jews are concerned.

Here is a comment explaining that the natural tendency for jews to engage in in-group behaviour is objectively harmful to non-jews, specifically whites, who try to do the same.

Here is a reply pointing out the existence of the World Jewish Congress, which is literally an organized body of jews shilling jewish interests to the detriment of non-jews.

Here is a reply pointing out the hypocrisy and double standard with respect to Holocaust consideration compared to other atrocities. "Why are Soviets cool but Nazis evil if the Soviets killed more in camps, if the Holodomor happened but no one knows? Why does no one know about the Holodomor?" Legitimate points.

Here is my response to OP.

Many good points, far more complex and valid than you give them credit for. Did you even read the thread?


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Thank you for this, the page did not look like that an hour ago. Also, your answer is pretty awesome especially towards the end regarding tribalism. I have never seen a better argument for "fighting identity politics with identity politics," or even one that made me consider it a useful tool (other than for oppressors) before today.


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