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I'll refer to some of my earlier comments as to why Jews are in so many positions of power (IQ and Pareto Principle)

Debunked here.

That being said, the implication made when that is brought up is that these movements can only be started by a Jew. Or in other words, it is physically impossible for these evil philosophies to sprout from a gentile brain.

Anyone who suggests that is an idiot and doesn't properly understand the Jewish Question, or humanity. And, if you are genuine about seeking truth, you should recognize that the adherents of any ideology are primarily made up of idiots. Idiots can grasp truths too, note; they just fall short of properly defending every attack.

This gets into dicey territory when dealing with Jewish individuals. Based on what I read on this site, the general mentality is that even individuals are not to be trusted if they are Jews. Even if said Jew speaks/does agreeable things most of the time.

The problem is the group, not the individual -- but you cannot have a group without individuals.

For instance, muslims (or even black people) in very small numbers are not that big of a deal within a society. Only when they reach 10%+ does their inevitable collectivization become a threat to the society. Jews, because of their much higher IQ than blacks, become a collective threat in much smaller numbers, because they organize in positions of power instead of in slums. You or I might very well know an incredibly kind, empathetic, and seemingly Western jew, and they may own a bakery down the street and be an upstanding member of their community. That jew, as an individual, is harmless. But as a member of "the jewish society" he or she is a terrible threat, because he or she will 99 times out of 100 "throw in" with jewish interests, and jewish interests all too often correspond with anti-white interests -- because the jew depends on multiculturalism and other policies that discourage strong white collectivization in order to survive. That jewish baker will sooner vote for a Clinton than a Trump. sooner vote for a dual-citizen Congressman than an American of European descent, and will sooner campaign against the 2nd amendment than for it, because of the incredible pressure from the rest of the jewish community to do these things.

Again, it isn't a conspiracy. It is basic tribalism mixed with high IQ, highly organized (and highly resilient / experienced) individuals.

If that is the case, if one is a Jew are they predestined to do evil? Can they help being not good? Are Jews the only people without free will?

As Alexander Solzhenitsyn acknowledged in his Gulag Archipelago, "the dividing line between good and evil cuts through every human heart".

But he also wrote a book exposing the role jews played in establishing the totalitarian nightmare that awakened him to this reality about good and evil. It's not that jews can't be good. It's that they have a proclivity for serving themselves, and hurting other peoples as a result of that self-service.


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Forgive me but your link didn't work. For the sake of argument I'll assume you are right about high IQ not being aligned with over representation.

I think you make some good points in this statement. I do have to yield that I have a similar distrust of Muslims when they assemble for any cause for the reasons you cite.

Unless I am reading your post wrong, you seem to indicate that the problem is the religion and the culture that surrounds it. If that's the point I do not disagree.

I would say this is probably the best post so far.


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Here is what I meant to link to (fixed in original). It's just a link to my root reply in this thread. Others have also replied to you explaining how high IQ within a population that small is insufficient for explaining the over-representation of jews. Pareto distribution just states that those who win find it easier to continue winning, and those who lose find it harder and harder to win at all. It is involved in the very sustenance of the jewish clique whose influence you started by attempting to deny.

Unless I am reading your post wrong, you seem to indicate that the problem is the religion and the culture that surrounds it. If that's the point I do not disagree.

That is certainly part of it, but the racial element cannot be denied. Not only because, by virtue of being racially a jew, the probability of being pulled into the culture is higher, but also because there are pulling forces associated with race and genetics. In the same way West Africans are faster sprinters and East Asians are better mathematicians than Hispanics, so too are Europeans generally more creative and jews generally more parasitic. By "parasitic" I mean they don't sustain themselves off of their own labour, but off of the labour of others. They are better suited for crunching numbers and making money off of money (interest) than off of hard work. This "nature", in combination with the in-group preference that is natural to all races, leads to a consistent trend of jews seeking positions in media, education, and finance, and then using their positions to involve other jews in these positions, until they form essential monopolies within these institutions. They then use this power to sustain the existence of their people, existing primarily as parasites off of other peoples and nations.

NOTE: I am speaking about a minority of the overall jewish population. It is not as if the majority of jews work in finance, education, media, or government (but a large minority do). Still, the support of the rest of the jews fall in with the minority of jews who have all the power. Both race and religion/culture are involved in their actions and ingroup preference.