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High verbal IQ. The SAT is an IQ test calibrated in their favor. They're the majority of "white" students at Harvard because of this. Jews are excellent at utilizing language and at cheating by making a test in their favor to take advantage of this. They also blend in as whites so people don't see the 20x over-representation at elite schools. Meanwhile there are almost zero rural protestant whites in these schools.

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Then explain why Jewish kids routinely finish much lower than whites and asians in standardized testing in elementary, junior and high schools.

It goes Asians > Whites >>> Kikes >>>>Beaners >> Niggers

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I haven't taken that red pill yet. Where is that? The verbal section of the SAT is a pretty small part of a normal education so it wouldn't really disprove my verbal iq claim. I think I got the high verbal iq claim from the bell curve. The authors may have been overly receptive to data favorable to jewish iq. They were pretty thorough though.